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IKEA Business Network FAQs

  • The IKEA Business Network is our loyalty programme that supports businesses of all shapes and sizes and helps them create a better life at work. It's free to join with no fees. As well as relevant communication and offers, you get access to exclusive benefits. There are currently six benefits available for IKEA Business Network:

    • Discounted space solutions built around your business with our discounted interior design service. 
    • Quick fix design tips and space-improving ideas when you chat to our interior designer for up to an hour. All for free.
    • Perks for your people with a range of discounted benefits for you and your staff, designed to boost wellbeing and get them feeling good.
    • Learn with IKEA with a series of online training, where we share what we know about business basics, taking care of your team, and solutions for every space.
    • Member discounts with access to IKEA Family offers so you will never miss a deal.
    • Plus...a free hot drink every time you visit the IKEA Restaurant, from Monday to Friday.

    More benefits will be rolled out over time as well as incentives, rewards and a community. 

    Join the IKEA Business Network today here 

  • You can access discounted space solutions built around your business, free quick fix design tips, Learn with IKEA content and Perks for your people by logging into your profile page online and visiting the ‘Benefits’ tab. To access IKEA Family offers with our special member discounts, login to your IKEA Business Network account and browse for products. At the check-out, input your card number to see the discount applied. When shopping in store, access IKEA Family offers by scanning your IKEA Business Network card at the check-out. Plus, get a free tea or coffee from Monday to Friday by scanning your card at the restaurant. 

  • It's free and easy to register for IKEA Business Network account. You can do this online today here. As soon as you sign up, you will receive your digital card and you can start to enjoy the benefits straight away. 

  • You can find and keep your IKEA for Business Network card in the following places:

    • By logging in to your IKEA for Business Network profile page on;
    • In the welcome email and in the footer of each IKEA for Business Network email;
    • saved to your mobile phone as an image by saving the card on Google pay or Apple wallet;
    • by calling the Customer Support Centre who can send your card via SMS.
  • Please remember to scan your digital card when shopping with us in store or enter your card number when shopping with us online to track your past transactions and access receipts. 

    Also, you can scan your card in store to access IKEA Family offers with our member discounts benefit and to enjoy a free hot drink. When logged into your profile page online, you can also enter your card number to access Quick fix design tips and Discounted space solutions. 

  • To view your transaction history, please login to your IKEA Business Network account and click on the ‘Transactions’ tab. 

  • You can request a new password by selecting “forgot your password” on the login page. If your email address is registered with us, we will send you an email with a link to create a new password.

    If you have forgotten your email address, please contact the customer support centre.

  • If you are a Rewards Hub Admin, you can get support by submitting an enquiry directly from the product. Once logged in, it is accessible by opening the Account tab and selecting Admin Support from the Admin Tools section. In this section reward hub admins can submit an enquiry and also track and manage all existing admin support enquiries.

    All users of Reward Hub can contact User Support with regards to queries relating to their personal accounts. They can submit an enquiry directly through the product via clicking on the rightmost tab (Support) in the top right menu. It opens the Knowledge Base and FAQs section and at the bottom it also shows the submit an enquiry button. Clicking on the button opens the page where it’s possible to select from various templates or to send a custom enquiry. Users will also see a chat bubble appear on the screen in the bottom-right corner if they wish to chat directly from the product. 

  • You may have another account with IKEA such as an IKEA Family account with the same email address, or you may have signed up for an IKEA for Business payment card before. Please use a different email address to register as a business customer. 

  • If you are an admin on your company account: you can login to your profile page and delete the company account in the 'Your Company' section by clicking 'Edit' next to the company details. 

    If you are a non-admin user on your company account: you cannot delete the company account. 

  • If you are an admin user: 

    • you can login to your profile page and click through to 'My profile' to delete your personal profile. If you are the only admin on the company account, please assign a new admin then you will be given the option to delete your profile. 


    If you are a non-admin user: 

    • you can login and click through to 'My profile' to delete your customer profile. 
  • If you are an admin on your company account:

    If you are a non-admin user on your company account: 

    • you cannot delete colleagues from the account.
  • If you are an admin on your company account, you can login to your profile page, click through to 'Colleagues' and click 'Invite colleague'. You can choose to assign them admin rights or no admin rights. Enter their email and position in the company and they will receive an invite to join your IKEA Business Network account. Make sure that the email address of your colleague is not yet associated with an IKEA account (such as IKEA Family).  Each colleague will get their own digital card. 

  • If you accidentally create two accounts for your company, please ask the admin of your company account to delete one of the accounts. Please note that you will lose any transaction history on the account which you delete.