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A gazebo is a lot like having an outdoor room or dining room if you pop your garden dining set under it. You get a cosy, shady spot to relax in, and it protects you from the UV rays of the sun. It's also great for parties, and it's a perfect place for you, your family, and friends to hang out and live life outdoors – all summer long. Keep the party going even after the sun goes down with some outdoor lighting.

What are gazebos and pergolas used for? 

Gazebos and pergolas are freestanding, garden structures that provide protection from the elements when entertaining outdoors. They can also section off and turn an area of your garden or patio into an outdoor room. Plus, they help make your garden look absolutely lovely.  

Where can a gazebo be placed? 

A gazebo can be placed pretty much anywhere in your outside space. Pop it up on your patio to provide shade over your outdoor dining set. Place it on the grass for a cool, laidback hangout spot. Or maybe try both? That’s the great thing about gazebos – they’re easy to move about. 

One of the more common uses of a gazebo is to have it frame an outdoor table or sofa corner. If you spend a lot of time in either, you’ll be able to enjoy them even more with a gazebo. You’ll be protected from the sun and any sudden drops of rain. 

Got a hot tub in your garden? A gazebo with walls lets you enjoy a relaxing dip without worrying about neighbours passing by. 

If you want a gazebo but and are worried about space, don’t panic. Our SOLIG gazebo is a smaller style that’s perfect if you have limited room to play with. The roof and walls create a cosy little space where you can relax in the open while still being protected. 

Are gazebos or pergolas waterproof? 

Our gazebos can protect you from a sudden drizzle of rain. But if heavy rain is forecast, we suggest taking the fabric off the frame to avoid damaging your gazebo. 

It’s also a good idea to remove the fabric when it’s windy. A strong gust can tear the fabric away or break the gazebo.