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Garden dining sets

An outdoor dining set is a quick and easy way to get a coordinated look. Our wide range of patio, balcony, and garden dining sets come in many sizes, materials, and styles – from neat, bistro sets to sturdy, wooden garden dining sets. Add some outdoor cushions to make things even comfier.

If you’ve got an outdoor room or patio, a garden dining set is a must-have. It's a place to eat, drink, enjoy the company of family and friends or just relax in the sun. However, much space you’ve got to play with, we recommend choosing your table and chairs first, before decorating the rest of your outside space. At IKEA, you'll find plenty of complete dining sets suitable for either a cosy balcony or a large and spacious patio. 

What garden dining set should you choose? 

When choosing an outdoor dining set for your garden, patio or balcony there are a few things to think about. What material do you want? What shape and style will suit your space? And how many seats do you need? 

Calculate the amount of seating 

Whatever your needs, we’ve got dining sets to suit any space and any occasion. You’ll find everything from compact two-seaters to larger sets that can comfortably seat up to eight people. When looking for your dining set, consider how much space you have, and how many seats you need. Is the table just for family use? Or will you be using it to host dinners and parties? If so, you might want a style that you can easily add seats to. 

Several of our garden furniture sets include drop-leaf tables, where a two-seater can easily serve a dinner for four. A patio set for six can also be quickly arranged into a table for eight. Just have a few foldable or stackable chairs somewhere accessible to bring out as soon as you need them. 

Finally, let’s not about forget the kids. Our children's picnic table RESÖ is a family favourite and a great way for little ones to enjoy their own dinner party next to the grown-up's table. 

Match the shape and finish with the outdoor area 

When picking a garden dining set, consider how it complements the rest of the outdoor area. Can you match the colour of the furniture to your flowerbeds? Can the table design accentuate your patio or balcony? 

Our top tip is to coordinate the colour or finish with other parts of your outdoor area. It could be the plants, a canopy or another piece of furniture. This is an easy way to create a smart, uniformed look. You can even add some contrasting outdoor cushions or warm blankets to add texture and style. They’ll tie everything together while making the space even more cosy and comfortable.  

Add a parasol and cushions to your garden dining set 

If you enjoy sitting in your outdoor area whenever it’s sunny, lots of our table sets come with a handy parasol hole to provide shade. We also have parasols that can be placed right next to your dining set, if you prefer a hole-free table top. See all our parasols here. 

Are late night dinners with family or friends more your thing? Add some outdoor cushions to your dining setup and you’ll be able to sit comfortably for hours. Some of our tables already include cushions. But if you're creative and want to mix and match your own, you can see all our outdoor cushions and pillows here.