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Collage photo frames

We take more photos today than ever before. But when do we look at them? Wall frames let you fill your home with memories of people you love and your favourite art card, too. Whether you need large picture frames to put above the sofa or small ones for a gallery wall in the hall, we have a big selection.

We take more photos today than we ever have, but we rarely look at them. Fill your home with shared memories by making good use of our wall frame collection.


What is a multi-aperture photo frame?

Multi-aperture photo frames let you create a collage inside a single frame. A large frame like RIBBA has space for 15 A6 (10 cm x 15 cm) photos, and it can be hung both vertically and horizontally to suit you. All you need to do is choose your favourite photos to fill it up with.


How do you hang a collage of photos?

There is no right or wrong way to lay out your favourite photos and artwork when hanging wall photo frames. Start off by arranging your wall picture frames on the floor to work out the composition of your gallery. Once you’re happy, take a picture of the layout so you can refer back to it, and then note down all the measurements of both the large and small frames, so you know where to put the nails in the wall.


Make sure the type of nail you’re using is appropriate for the type of wall, and that the wall is strong enough to hold whatever you’re hanging (hollow or thin walls may not support large frames).


When you’ve got your first wall frame up, use a spirit level on the top to make sure it’s not wonky. The bubble in the liquid should be in the middle when it’s parallel with the floor and ceiling. Repeat until everything is up, and then step back and admire your work.