Clothes organisers

How can you organise clothes?

Although clothes storage and wardrobe organisation are down to personal preference, our space-saving solutions will help tidy things up. If you’re looking to streamline your wardrobe storage, think about storing away seasonal items first.

Top clothes-organisers pack sweaters, scarves and thick coats away during the summer, when they’re unlikely to get an airing. Large storage cases like LACKISAR are a great place to start, and can be slipped under the bed until needed. And when winter arrives, you can exchange the floaty sun dresses and open-toe shoes for the cosy jumper you’d almost forgotten about.

Instead of tripping over your shoes every morning, consider keeping them in your wardrobe organiser with the rest of your clothes. STUK and SKUBB can both be hung on a rail, offering a quick and easy way to declutter your hallway.


What is the best way to store bedding and linens?

If you’re guilty of cramming all your spare bedding into a drawer, you wouldn’t be alone. To keep everything fresh, a great alternative can be found in our SKUBB range. The storage cases can go inside your wardrobe or under the bed and can be zipped shut to keep dust at bay.