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Clothes organisers

Want to conquer your clothes storage? Divide it. With our trays, compartments, boxes and hanging organisers, you can sort everything from socks to scarves. Our clothes storage ideas help you maximise your wardrobe or drawers, so you can spend time playing hide and seek with people, not shirts.

Clothes organisers for effortless dressing

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing your clothes – it’s all about finding ways to make life easier for you. Our range of clothes organisers can help you get creative with your space, so you can put all of it to work – even the nooks and crannies. All clothing welcome!

A VIHALS chest of drawers with headphones and trainers stacked on top, sits next to a clothes organiser.
A close-up of a white VIHALS chest of drawers with an open drawer showing folded clothes in organisers inside.

Storage that makes the most of your space

With a little help, it’s easy to transform empty spaces into hardworking storage areas. Whether they’re on top of a wardrobe or a hanging rail, try boxes or hanging storage to streamline the space for clothing and accessories. Easy fixes, like using the same hangers are also a fast track to a feeling of calm.

A white BRIMNES wardrobe with four shelves above it holding storage boxes, and a hanging rail by it holding denim clothes.
Four white SKUBB shoe boxes containing shoes are on a shelf which is under another shelf holding two boxes.
Some clothes and a white/grey STUK storage with 7 compartments hang from a rail in a white BOAXEL wardrobe combination.
Nine BUMERANG hangers, with eight in white, hanging on a white hanging rail, holding various clothing in neutral colours.
A white STUK box with compartments on a green floor holding different types of rolled clothing and coloured socks.

It’s something we’ve all been through. You’ve got the perfect outfit in mind, but when it comes to finding it in your wardrobe, nothing’s where you thought it was. Where is that jumper you love wearing? Where are those gym trousers? Or that vintage band T-shirt? 

Whether you’re running late trying to get ready for work, dressing up for a special event, or just looking for your comfy tracksuit bottoms – a cluttered or messy wardrobe can slow you down every time. Keeping your accessories and clothes organised is vital for stress-free mornings, convenient day-to-night dressing and effortless wardrobe control. 

At IKEA, we offer clever clothes storage ideas to help you keep your wardrobe organised. You’ll find bedroom storage solutions ranging from stylish storage cases, boxes with or without lids, multipurpose hangers, baskets, drawer organisers and more. Sorting everything from tops and trousers to shoes means less time digging in your wardrobe, and more time perfecting your outfit.   

Different clothes storage solutions for different needs 

With the right hanger, box or basket – any unused space in your home can store clothing. Put the empty floor space underneath your bed to good use by adding baskets for your favourite PJs. Upgrade your walk-in wardrobe with storage racks or lidded boxes to keep your fanciest outfits safely stored away. Or tidy up your drawers with dividers to separate your socks from your undies. 

Whatever your storage needs, and however much space you have to play with, you’ll find a solution to help you keep your belongings organised to make the most of your home. 

We’ve lots of options, including flat boxes, hanging clothes storage, bold and playful square boxes, boxes with compartments and dividers to separate your existing storage. Our clothes storage options also come in different styles, materials and colours, so you make sure it works for you – and suits your space. 

Don’t forget your shoes 

No wardrobe storage solution is complete without a way to keep your shoes neatly stored and organised. Many of our clothing storage options are ideal for tidying away shoes as they include compartments that offer enough space for several pairs. If you want to keep floor space free, we also offer practical hanging solutions to help you organise your shoes in an easy and accessible fashion.