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TROTTEN system

Working from home or at the office? The TROTTEN system lets you create an affordable and modular office space – wherever you work. The system features flexible desks and ergonomic chairs, as well as storage units, room dividers, monitor stands and whiteboards. All with a 10-year guarantee, so you can be sure to have a high-quality workspace.

    Congrats on the expansion of your business! TROTTEN system is easily adapted to your current office situation – whether it requires desks that can be put together, easy-to-move storage, noticeboards that allow you to create fluid zones, or you need a storage unit that can be used as a temporary extra seat.

    Large, airy office space with white TROTTEN storage units on castors, and desks, chairs and shelving units in light shades.

    TROTTEN office furniture adapts as your business grows

    From home to high-rise! Discover how the TROTTEN system adjusts to one or many co-workers. Its modular, stylish design follows your changing needs with multipurpose furniture and practical units you can add on.

    Tailor your workspace – office, home or a healthy mix of both

    With TROTTEN office furniture in your corner, you’re free to precisely shape your work surroundings. It’s designed to be as flexible and fluid as any workday can be. Enabling ergonomic comfort through shifting positions, activities and working heights, it supports focused work as well as your well-being.

    A dimly lit room with a workspace centred round a white TROTTEN desk and a beige HATTEFJÄLL office chair with armrests.
    A dimly lit room with a DEJSA table lamp on a white TROTTEN cabinet with sliding doors beneath a curtained window.
    White-and-beige TROTTEN desks placed together for a collaboration area, with a tall green plant in the middle.
    Fully loaded, room-dividing white TROTTEN cabinets with sliding doors stand next to a workspace with a TROTTEN desk.
    Two white-and-beige LÅNGFJÄLL office chairs placed side by side by a white TROTTEN desk by a brown wall.

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    More optionsTROTTEN Desk 120x70 cm

    TROTTEN Desk, beige/white, 120x70 cm

    More optionsTROTTEN Desk sit/stand 120x70 cm

    TROTTEN Desk sit/stand, beige/white, 120x70 cm

    More optionsEILIF Screen, freestanding 80x150 cm

    EILIF Screen, freestanding, grey/black, 80x150 cm

    More optionsTROTTEN Desk 140x80 cm

    TROTTEN Desk, white, 140x80 cm

    More optionsTROTTEN Desk sit/stand 160x80 cm

    TROTTEN Desk sit/stand, beige/white, 160x80 cm
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