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A cute and functional family bathroom even adults would adore

Designing a family bathroom is all about fun and creativity – and storage at the right height. Here’s a playful and stylish space, all set up for the little ones to help themselves. It has an uplifting and colourful expression that would be a hit with any young generation and help keep things flowing easily.

A family bathroom with white ENHET furniture and a green floor with a KÄRRKNIPPROT rug, and wall hooks at different heights.
A family bathroom with white ENHET furniture and a green floor with a KÄRRKNIPPROT rug, and wall hooks at different heights.

The coolest bathroom on the block

Looking to bring some playful energy to a family-dedicated bathroom? This shower curtain with lush green leaves and plants makes your space feel both exotic and lively. Pair it with vibrant yellow towels and a yellow bath mat to assemble an expression that’s both fun and chic.

A KÄRRKNIPPROT yellow and green floral bathmat on a green floor in front of a white/green SNÖJONKVILL shower curtain.
A white open ENHET wall shelf holding toiletries above two yellow towels on hooks and beside a white cabinet with two doors.

Harmonious parent’s corner

A shelf mounted higher up is perfect for those self-care things you want close at hand but out of little one’s reach. This wall frame has hooks for hanging extra things that help you keep the space serene and personal. And, with a solid white look you’ll get a calming effect on the overall lively feel.

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A white ENHET open wall shelf with two shelves hangs on a white bathroom wall. It’s filled with white boxes and soap bottles.
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Go family style, putting the kids first

A trolley in the bathroom is great for keeping track of body care products, toys and other small things. On the wall, arrange everyone’s shampoos and shower creams in clean baskets with suction cups at different heights for all ages. This way you’ll have an easy update as your children grow.

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A white, narrow VESKEN trolley with three shelves stands in a white and green bathroom. It’s filled with toys and toiletries.
Three white TISKEN baskets with suction cups hang on a shower wall filled with shampoo bottles and body care items.
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Modern furniture for hiding stuff away

How do you deal with kids’ stuff in the bathroom? A family with several members usually means lots of bath items. Hiding some of it away in closed storage is a good idea. This shallow cabinet frees up the floor and is ideal even in smaller spaces. Also, it’s always helpful for kids to have their own shelves.

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A white, narrow ENHET wall cabinet hangs in a bright family bathroom. The door is open and filled with toys and bottles.
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Balance your pop of colours with white

The white tones create a bright and calm look, and with a few splashes of colours on towels and accessories, the bathroom also becomes fun and kid-style. A mix of open and closed storage combined with hooks and furniture at different heights serves as decoration and functionality. Can you spot the cactus?

White ENHET bathroom furniture of wash-basin cabinet with two doors, wall frame with two shelves by yellow towels on hooks.