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Getting serious about light

More than just a practical convenience, the lighting in your home affects how good you feel. So the more control you have over the light level in each room, the better. With a few different light sources, you can change the mood in any space to suit the time of day and what you want to do there. Whether it’s creating romance or chopping carrots. Or even both...

Less cables,
more power
RIGGAD work lamp, honored an iF DESIGN AWARD in the Lighting category, is the kind of light that is focused, adjustable and powerful - literally. While you work, RIGGAD provides a wireless space for you to charge up your phone.
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“I wanted the charger to blend in easily to make charging a natural part of your home, but it was equally important that it was easy to use. The result is a charging pad with a simple yet interesting design”
Photo of David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden AB
David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden AB
Introducing Smart lighting
Choose a light for early mornings, another for late evenings and a third for cooking or working at home. Dim, turn off, turn on, and switch from warm to cold light using a remote control or app. These products enable you to have better lighting at home, in an easy and affordable way. And they are plug-and-play solutions, meaning there is no need for new wiring or hiring an electrician. Brilliant.
Discover IKEA Smart lighting
Display of a new smart wireless lighting range at IKEA, that consists of dimmable LED bulbs, remote control, dimming kit, motion sensor kit and gateway kit.Display of a kit consisting of a round remote control that can dim the light without a wired-in installation and a lit LED bulb.
Vinter collection 2017
When the skies grow dark and the wind turns cold, it’s time to go inside – and chase away the darkness. Thanks to this year’s Vinter collection every part of your home can bathe in fun, festive energy-efficient light.
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Shaped to light up the space
A white round pendant lamp hanging above a table with glass bowls, glasses and a tower made of yellow, pink and turquoise straws.
Bring light to your home with the new NYMÅNE pendant lamp in white for great and versatile general light.
NYMÅNE Pendant lamp $39.99
Decorate (and light)
Grace the room with the large RICKARUM table lamp in a traditional style with an embossed pattern on the stoneware base.
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Close-up of a white stoneware lamp base with embossed pattern RICKARUM Table lamp $49.99
A brilliant bulb (for your wallet and the planet)
Now there’s every reason to go all in with LED at home! RYET LED bulb consumes up to 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and lasts 15 times longer - making it not only good for your energy bills, but the environment too. The price is equally brilliant!
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Close-up of a lit LED bulb on a green background. RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99
Several lit LED bulbs and a spider web made of cords in light blue, yellow, pink and dark blue, on a green background. RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99 RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99 RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99 RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99 RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99 RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99 RYET LED bulb E26 400 lumen $0.99
Let the lamp show who you are