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  • Kitchen worktops for every kind of kitchen

    Like icing on a cake, kitchen worktops can transform your kitchen from good to great, whether you’re creating a new dream space from scratch or revamping what you have. So take a look at the surfaces, styles and materials of our ready-made range. Creating a contemporary kitchen full of flash appliances and clean lines? Then check out our versatile NUMERÄR laminate kitchen worktops in simple colours like black or white. They’re moisture-, heat- and scratch-resistant and come with edging strips to complete the look. You can even choose a double-sided option in case you ever redecorate. For a more traditional feel, check out our great value PRÄGEL laminate kitchen worktops, with different wood or stone effect finishes.

  • Customise your wooden kitchen worktops

    Or you can treat yourself to real wood ready-made kitchen worktops. Choose from solid beech, birch or oak with the LAGAN and NUMERÄR ranges. You can cut these kitchen worktops to length and sand and surface treat them. Pick up a tin or two of BEHANDLA wood treatment oil – it’s perfect for protecting your wooden kitchen worktops now and prolonging their future. You can even order them complete with your choice of factory-fitted sink. Ask our kitchen experts at the store for details.