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Decorative lighting

For brighter, longer evenings

When the sun goes down and the dark skies come creeping in, a bit of decorative lighting can go a long way - and help make the evening last. Find a wide variety: from colourful string lights to solar-powered lanterns.

SVARTRÅ LED lighting chain with 12 lights, black, outdoor

SVARTRÅ LED lighting chain with 12 lights

Cord length between lights: 40.0 cm, Cord length: 4.0 m, Power: 2.4 W
LJUSANDE LED candle, battery-operated, natural


RM35.90/4 pieces
Height: 20 cm, Diameter: 2.5 cm, Package quantity: 4 pieces
MOGNAD LED tealight, battery-operated, white

MOGNAD LED tealight

RM19.90/6 pieces
Diameter: 38 mm, Package quantity: 6 pieces
SOLVINDEN LED pendant lamp, orange, blue outdoor

SOLVINDEN LED pendant lamp

Height: 39 cm, Diameter: 55 cm, Cord length: 4.0 m
STRÅLA table lamp base, white

STRÅLA table lamp base

Height: 48 cm, Base diameter: 12 cm, Cord length: 2.4 m
SÄRDAL LED lighting chain with 12 lights, transparent battery-operated, indoor

SÄRDAL LED lighting chain with 12 lights

Cord length between lights: 19 cm, Cord length: 1.5 m, Total length: 3.6 m