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IKEA Dining textiles & place mats

Dress your table

A bit like clothes for furniture, dining textiles let you dress up your table and chairs the way you like. We’ve place mats and runners to add patterns and colour and chair pads for softness where it counts most. New ones arrive at our store all year round, so you can freshen up your dining area whenever you feel like it.

ULLAMAJ chair cushion, black, beige Min. width: 35 cm Max. width: 43 cm Depth: 37 cm
chair cushion
Min. width: 35 cm, Max. width: 43 cm, Depth: 37 cm Available in more options
ADMETE chair pad, black Min. width: 36 cm Max. width: 43 cm Depth: 42 cm
chair pad
Min. width: 36 cm, Max. width: 43 cm, Depth: 42 cm Available in more options
ANNVY chair pad, green Min. width: 27 cm Max. width: 38 cm Depth: 38 cm
chair pad
Min. width: 27 cm, Max. width: 38 cm, Depth: 38 cm Available in more options
CAJA tablecloth, white Length: 240 cm Width: 145 cm
Length: 240 cm, Width: 145 cm
Sewing service
Don’t be limited by the choice available. You can pick the prints you like from our wide range of fabrics and sew your own.
for all types of sewing when you purchase fabric from IKEA. Sewing Services is located opposite Exchanges & Returns counter (Ground floor). Offer ends 24 August 2014.
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KLISTRIG place mat, multicolour Length: 29 cm Width: 36 cm Package quantity: 4 pieces
place mat
/4 pieces
Length: 29 cm, Width: 36 cm, Package quantity: 4 pieces
MALINDA chair cushion, blue Min. width: 35 cm Max. width: 40 cm Depth: 38 cm
chair cushion
Min. width: 35 cm, Max. width: 40 cm, Depth: 38 cm Available in more options
SKÖTSEL coaster, multicolour Diameter: 10 cm Package quantity: 10 pieces
/10 pieces
Diameter: 10 cm, Package quantity: 10 pieces


  • Placemats & lots more dining textiles

    Check out our range our placemats and other dining textiles. You’ll find a great choice of styles and types, from placemats made from natural materials like bamboo or palm leaves to chair pads that you can wash in your machine. Dining textiles like tablecloths mean you can give your dining area the style you want and change it whenever you feel like it. They’re very practical, too. Placemats, for example, protect the surface of your table and cut down the noise from moving glasses and cutlery. Chair pads make things more comfortable and mean people can sit at the table for longer, enjoying the good food and company.

  • Placemats & more to help you enjoy your meals

    Placemats and other textiles add a nice decorative touch to make your meals more enjoyable. You might even have special tablecloths or runners reserved for celebrations or certain times of the year. Why not check out our sideboards so you can store all your tablecloths and placemats close to where you use them? Or try one of our tables with built-in storage if you’re strapped for space. Whatever you’re looking for to help you enjoy your meals, it’s worth having a look around our website. From chair pads to chairs, placemats to candles, you’ll find them all here, at great value prices.