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Good lighting makes us happier (and stops us bumping into things at night). We like LED light bulbs best – they use less electricity and last for up to 20 years. We have other bulbs, too, plus dimmer switches, timers and batteries. Why not start the change to LEDs and rechargeable batteries today? It’ll brighten up the future for your budget and the planet.

You can find more information about our light bulbs here:
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Do you need help choosing your LED light bulbs?
Learn how to choose the right light
JYSSEN wireless charger Diameter: 9 cm Height: 10 cm Cord length: 1.95 m
wireless charger
Diameter: 9 cm, Height: 10 cm, Cord length: 1.95 m
How bright is the bulb?
Check lumens, not watts.
The number of lumens (lm) tells you about light output – how bright a bulb is. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. Modern LED bulbs use much less electricity than the old incandescent ones. Our 400lm LED bulbs, for example, only use 7W of electrical power. But the light they produce feels the same as the light from the old 40W incandescent bulbs.
Learn how to choose the right light
MORIK wireless charger, white Length: 11 cm Width: 9 cm Height: 4 cm
wireless charger
Length: 11 cm, Width: 9 cm, Height: 4 cm
Less energy, longer lifetime.
LEDARE bulbs use 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent types. So you can choose them by light output – in LUMEN – rather than by energy consumption (Watts). Watts measures the energy consumption. Our light bulbs consumes from 2-16,5W.
Learn how to choose the right light
RYET LED bulb GU10 200 lumen Luminous flux: 200 lm Power: 3 W Package quantity: 2 pieces
LED bulb GU10 200 lumen
/2 pieces
Luminous flux: 200 lm, Power: 3 W, Package quantity: 2 pieces
We’re changing our light bulbs
so you’ll rarely have to.
By 2016 we’ll switch all the light bulbs we sell to LED. Why? Because LED is the most energy-efficient lighting there is. It uses 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Imagine if we all made the switch to LED? Together, we’d save a lot of money on electricity and a lot of energy!