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A good night's sleep is priceless. And it's little bodies that need it the most. We're here to help you find everything you need to create a safe and comfortable sleep sanctuary that speaks to your child's unique identity.

At IKEA, safety is our top priority.

For Babies & Newborns

Cots and cot mattresses make up the core of the IKEA Baby sleep range, and you can rest assured that they've been rigourously tested to ensure their safety. Below, you'll find everything you need to create that nursery you've always dreamed of having.

  • 1. Cots

    It's wonderful to be a new parent, but it can also be rather worrying. That's why IKEA cots are rigorously tested for durability and stability to ensure they meet the strictest safety standards in the world.

    2. Cot mattresses

    Our cot mattresses come in different thicknesses and in different cover types - all made of breathable materials that help regulate body temperature.

    Good to know! All our cot mattresses are firm, pressure-relieving, well-ventilated, and made with carefully considered materials that promote good air flow to support for a safe sleeping environment. Removable and machine-washable covers also protect your child's hygiene.

    3. Bed linen

    Our bed linen and fitted sheets are made of sustainbly grown cotton - a soft material that breathes and absorbs moisure so that your child sleeps tight all night.

    4. Baby blankets

    How can you be sure your baby is safe when they sleep? Use a blanket rather than a quilt for newborns.

    Good to know! We reccomend placing only the bare minimum in the cot with newborns. Until a baby is able to sit up and roll around on its own, there should not be pillows, quilts or toys of any kind in the crib.

    Baby Sleep Essentials

For Children

Once babies pass their infant stage, they've probably outgrown the cot! That's when it's time to consider a junior bed, extendable bed or something a little bigger - completed with our colourful range of bed textiles, quilts, pillows and a soft, cosy mattress of your child's choosing.

  • 1. Bed frames

    For older children, a bed can be the centre of their space, where they sit and talk with friends, play games online and more. Fortunately, we stock a range of junior beds, extendable beds that grow with your child, and bed frames with built-in storage, pull-out sleepers and bunk beds for sleepovers.

    2. Children's mattressses

    Get all-over support and comfort with our range of full-length children's mattresses, suitable for bunk, loft and extendable beds. Complete with removable & machine-washable covers and a child-proof zipper, expect years of restful nights well into your child's teens.

    3. Bedlinen

    Why not let your kids express their own sense of style? Our bed linen is made of 100% sustainable cotton, so you can be sure that it's soft against the skin. Many even have different designs on each side, for a quick change of look. 

    4. Quilts & pillows

    All our bedding is made of natural, sustainably sourced cotton and free from harmful chemicals. Our range offers soft or firm pillows, warm or cooler quilts - all so you can create a bed that’s the perfect kind of cosy for your child.

    Children's Sleep Essentials

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Air your linens and mattresses regularly

100% committed to sustainable cotton

At IKEA, safe and healthy products our top priority. We strive to minimise the use of potentially harmful chemicals in all our products, especially those that come into contact with children.

But, mould spores exist all around us. Given the right humid conditions, these spores will attach to organic material and start to grow into visible mould. You can minimise the effects of humidity by airing your mattress and bed linen regularly.

Cotton is one of our most important raw materials. You’ll find it in many products, from sofas and cushions to bed sheets and mattresses.

We have made a commitment to only use cotton grown in a responsible way in our products, for the benefit of our customers and the planet.

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