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Toys & play

There’s nothing complicated about play. The only energy needed is your child’s (and there’s plenty of that!). We have wide range of our safe baby toys, small storage, and storage furniture to help develop fine motor skills, social skills and more.

Fun new cards with a lot to teach

You can give your kids lots of fun and development with these versatile new cards. They help children learn the alphabet, numbers and some symbols through their favourite activity – playing games!

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Two children sit at a white MAMMUT table on top of a BLÅVINGAD rug in front of a window playing with UNDERHÅLLA cards.
    The hands of two children who are sitting at a white MAMMUT table on top of a BLÅVINGAD rug playing with UNDERHÅLLA cards.
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      New soft toys with a real sea rescue story

      Does your child dream about adventures on the high seas? These new friends have lots of stories to share about life in the ocean. The filling in these products is made of recycled polyester made from ocean-bound plastic, which helps reduce the pollution of waterways and seas.

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      Soft toys from the BLÅVINGAD collection shaped like sea creatures lie on a LANGSTED rug in front of some large windows.
        A BLÅVINGAD soft toy blue whale lies on a duvet with a BLÅVINGAD duvet cover on a KURA reversible bed.
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          Part toy storage, part football stadium

          Going instantly from idea to action is one of the wonders of childhood. With a goal that also safeguards all you need to play, the match is on before the ref finds the whistle. (Luckily, the arena is dismantled in an instant, too.)

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          A black-and-white SPARKA toy football on a green PLUFSIG gym mat placed in front of a blue SPORTSLIG toy goal with storage.
            A SPORTSLIG toy goal with storage, its zippered mesh front halfway down, with a black-and-white SPARKA toy football in it.
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