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LED lights

What would you do with 25,000 hours? Read your overdue library books? Finish that epic puzzle? Whatever you do, LED lighting can keep you company because that’s about how long LEDs last. We’ve got a variety of LED lights, too, like strips under a cabinet or a work lamp in your laptop’s USB.

A smart new bulb with classic good looks

This bulb adds a warm retro shine to your home with or without a lamp shade. It’s smart, so you can switch it on and off remotely or dim it to change the mood when you combine it with other products in our smart home range.

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Two KAPPELAND pendant lamps hang in a hallway with two grey HAUGA chests of 3 drawers and a RÅMEBO mirror.
A lit TRÅDFRI E27 470 lumen LED bulb inside a rattan KAPPELAND pendant lamp shade. The light casts a pattern on the wall.
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