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Stay healthy with proper food hygiene

Caring for your food leads to keeps it healthy and fresh for longer. At IKEA Saudi Arabia, we serve our best tips on how to store your food and keep it healthy.

Step 1 : Wash

Washing and preparing food the right way, is key for storing food for long times.

This over-the-sink colander is perfect to use as a strainer for washing fruit and vegetables, as a dish drainer or simply to hold sink bowl accessories.

Step 2 : Prepare

Easy to clean, handle and store, these chopping boards can also be used as lids. Choose a lid colour based on the food. Maybe red for meat, green for vegetables and blue for dry foods?

Grated vegetables or cheese – no problem! This grater makes cooking easier and more fun. Use it directly on a chopping board or a food container

Step 3 : Cook

It's time to cook things up in the kitchen! Make sure to cook the ingredients properly. IKEA cookware makes it easy to cook delicious food.

Step 4 : Store

As well as sealing in the taste, our food container keep everything tidy and easy to find. See-through materials let you tell at a glance what you’ve stored

We offer many types of food storage accessories. Perfect for separating raw and cooked food and in many different sizes.