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Financial service starting from 0%

You don’t have to pay it all at once
If you've found out how you’d like your dream home, but need some help spreading the cost out a little, we can offer you a range of installment options that help you make your ideas a reality.


Buy now and pay later! With 0% interest. Split into 3 or 6 payments

Up to SR 5,000.

*For online or in-store payments.


Enjoy installment plans for 6 months with 0% interest. or up to 36 months with 6% interest annually rates.

Up to SR 60,000.

*For in-store payments only.

0% Installment plan (Banks)

If you are a credit card user from the listed banks on your purchases of SR 1,000 and above from IKEA up to 12 months 

*For online or in-store payments.