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Food & beverages

Add some summer to your cooking

Few things add enjoyment to preparing food as taking it outside. A seasonal station with accessories and your choice for the grill – like sustainable, good-for-you VÄRLDSKLOK shapeable plant mince – makes summer cooking a breeze.

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VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince being prepared on a worktop with a KONCIS roasting tin, a BLANDA BLANK bowl and accessories.
A pair of hands shaping a patty of VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince by a worktop on which stands a BLANDA BLANK stainless-steel bowl.
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Swedish fika means coffee and cookies

Enjoy yourself Scandinavian style with a cup of organic, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee along with your favourite Swedish cookies.

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A breakfast tray holding a cup of coffee on a plate and a napkin, a flower, and a box of KAFFEREP ginger thins with almonds.
A plate with KAFFEREP apple cake with vanilla sauce and a spoon in front of KAFFEREP apple cake and vanilla sauce packets.
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Breakfast any time of day

Our traditional Scandinavian breakfast isn’t just for mornings. Satisfying and healthy granola, muesli or porridge make great snacks whenever you are hungry.

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An EGENTLIG coffee/tea maker with a cup and glass of juice, a HJÄLTEROLL muesli packet and a GLADELIG bowl with muesli.
A packet of HJÄLTEROLL porridge with seeds and quinoa by a VARDAGEN saucepan, two glass jars and fruit on a white worktop.
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