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Before you visit

  • 1. How do I shop in IKEA?
    We want your next trip to IKEA to be as pleasant as possible. So, here are some tips on how to shop the easy way at our IKEA stores! IKEA stores have free parking and provide easy access for the disabled. Everything you need to shop is available at the entrance: pencils, paper, tape measures, store guides, catalogues, shopping strollers and shopping bags.

    2. How do I check stock availability
    Every effort is made to maintain the availability of items shown in the catalogue, but due to popularity and supply issues, some products may not always be available. Generally, IKEA can estimate when a product should be back in stock. Because IKEA products are manufactured throughout the world, there are sometimes circumstances which can cause delivery delays. You can check the availability of stock in your local store here. If an item is out of stock you will have the option to leave a mobile number or email address and we will notify you when more stock arrives.

    3. What online tools do you have to assist with planning?
    Yes, there are a number of online planning tools available including Kitchen and office planners for you to use to help you furnish your home, your way. Online planning tools

    4. Can I buy items online?
    Yes, please visit how to shop online to know more

    5. What additional services do you offer to help me shop?
    We offer a number of services from home delivery to installation services. Find out more information

    6. Do you offer guarantees on products?
    We offer a range of guarantees on a number of product ranges. You can find out more information on everyday quality guarantees.

    7. Can I purchase items over the phone, for delivery or collection from store?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to take payments over the phone, or reserve items for collection, however you can purchase items online. For more information, visit How to shop Online?

    8. Can I reserve an item for collection?
    It is not possible to reserve an item in our stores or online.

IKEA store

  • 1. Store opening times and directions?
    Each store has their own web page which includes opening times, directions and store information. Find your nearest store

    2. Is there parking when I get there?
    All IKEA stores have free parking, and include Disabled and Parent & Baby parking bays.

    3. What facilities do you have for people with disabilities?
    For our visitors with disabilities, we are pleased to offer the following services at IKEA stores:

    4. Are your stores family friendly?
    Each store supplies high chairs, organic baby food, baby food warming stations, and healthy meals for children in the restaurant, play areas and nursing areas. Bring the family we have something for everyone.

    5. Why are items sometimes out of stock?
    Every effort is made to maintain the availability of items shown in the catalogue, but due to popularity and supply issues, some products may not always be available. Generally, IKEA can estimate when a product should be back in stock. Because IKEA products are manufactured throughout the world, there are sometimes circumstances which can cause delivery delays.

    6. How can I get large items home?
    Since most IKEA furniture is flat-packed, you can take them home today in your car and enjoy them right away. If you'd prefer, IKEA can arrange home delivery at a reasonable rate, visit their desk in the Customer Service area after checkouts. Find out more about the IKEA range services we offer.

    7. Why do I have to assemble the products myself?
    Self-assembly means not having to pay the cost of someone in a factory doing it for you. So taking control yourself helps to control the price you pay, for the better However, if you prefer we can recommend an independent service provider offering a home assembly service in your area. There will be a call out charge in addition to an assembly charge. Arrangements can be made at the Home Delivery Desk at the end of the store. Find out more about the IKEA range of services we offer.

    8. Can someone help me plan and design rooms?
    Many IKEA stores offer a home decoration consultation if you wish to furnish an entire room or home. Most IKEA stores also offer an assisted self-planning service for kitchen and PAX. Using computer simulations, specially trained kitchen planners can help you plan and choose the kitchen that is right for you. Alternatively, you can plan your kitchen in the comfort of your home by using our online kitchen planner tool Kitchen planner.

    9. I've lost something at the store - how do I get it back?
    Contact the Customer Relations department at your local store.

    10. There seems to be a mistake on my receipt from the store. What should I do?
    If the mistake was made in the store, you should contact the Customer Relations department at your local store to let them help you.

    11. How many products are in the IKEA product range?
    There are about 11,000 products in the total IKEA product range. Each store carries a selection of these 11,000 products depending on store size. The core range is the same worldwide.

Order & Collection Points

  • 1. What is IKEA Order & Collection Point?
    Order & Collection Point is a new concept by IKEA which has been established near you for a more accessible and convenient shopping experience whereby you can visit the Order & Collection Point to browse a selected range of furniture that is displayed and giving you an opportunity to engage with IKEA coworkers and ask questions, touch and feel the products and get ideas to furnish your home and still you can place your orders online and pass by the Order & Collection Point to collect them.

    2. Why haven’t you open a full-fledged IKEA store in my city/region?
    Our aim is to get closer to you while still offering you the furniture solutions and services that you need. We would like to be more accessible to our customers by the opportunity of browsing through the range displayed in our Order & Collection Point. We do have an expansion plan in-which it holds the possibility of turning the Order & Collection Point to an IKEA store in the future for certain areas.

    3. Can I receive my orders immediately?
    At Order & Collection Point, either you ask for home delivery or you decided to collect the order yourself from the Order & Collection Point you can select your preferred date, the order can be ready for delivery or collection starts from 48 hours, and you will receive a notification when it is ready to collect.

    4. There are a lot of items that I couldn’t find in the Order and Collection Point! How can I buy these?
    A selected furniture range is being displayed there which can also be shopped online. For the full range, solutions and inspiration you are welcome to visit our Riyadh store.

    5. Will there be any cost for ordering the items to be collected from the Order and Collection Point?
    No, you can collect your orders after being delivered to the Order & Collection Point and that will be free of charge.

    6. Do you have an IKEA restaurant?
    There is no an IKEA restaurant in the Order & Collection Point however there’s a small relax seating corner where you can enjoy light snacks and drinks from the vending machine right after your shopping.
    7. Is there a playing area for the kids?
    Unlike IKEA stores, Order & Collection Point doesn’t hold a play area for the kids.

    8. How long would it take for my orders to arrive to the Order and Collection Point?
    It will take from 48 hours. You can also schedule the date that you wish to come and collect it if you are shopping online. We will be sending you a notification once your order is ready for collection.

    9. What services can I benefit from?
    Customers can benefit from our standard exchange and refund policy. Delivery & Assembly service that comes with a reasonable fee with every order. Kitchen measurement, planning and installation where we help you design your next dream kitchen and install to fit your kitchen area.

    10. What is your exchange & return policy?
    We have a generous return policy that grant you the option to return any of your purchases within 365 days and that is subject to Terms & Conditions.

    11. What delivery charges should I be looking at on my order?
    There’s no delivery charges for orders to be collected from Order & Collection Point. Delivery and assembly charges from Order & Collection Point will be based on the destination between your home address and the Order & Collection Point.

    12. Due to high traffic inside the Order and Collection Point, I’m not able to complete my shopping and had to leave without pursuing with the payment? What kind of alternative do I have?
    You can keep your shopping list with you and make your orders online and then choose the delivery method that you wish to proceed with.

    13. Where are IKEA's new order and collection points located?
    We have open new Order & Collection Points in both Kharj and Qassim, you can have more details by tapping the store location.
    14. What is the Order and Collection Point opening hours?
    Both Order & Collection Points are open from 10:00 till 24:00 from Saturday – Thursday. Friday from 16:00 till 24:00
    15. Do I need proof of purchase to pick-up my order?
    It is very important to bring your proof of payment upon your visit to collect your order.
    16. What if somebody else is going to pick-up my order for me?
    You can send any one to pick your order, he should bring the receipt and he/she will sign the delivery notice on behalf of you.
    17. What products will be available for immediate take away?
    We don’t have any range yet to be collected immediately, all our product in the Order & Collection Point for display only, we might have the top seller range in future for immediate take away.

    18. What items can I order at an Order and Collection Point?
    We can sell most of IKEA range in the Order & Collection Point, still there are some product where you cannot order, and we are working on having our complete rage available in the Order & Collection Points.Still you can visit our IKEA Riyadh store for the missing range you would like to buy.

    19. What kind of payment methods are accepted at the Order and Collection Points?
    We accept at the Order & Collection Point Cash, credit card and debit card.

    20. Can I purchase an IKEA gift card at the Order and Collection Point?
    Yes, we sell IKEA gift cards, you can charge it starting from 100 SR and gift it to whom you love.
    Shopping online at IKEA

Shopping online at IKEA

  • 1. How do I buy online?
    To find out how you can shop online please click here. Please note at present shopping online is only available in certain locations in Saudi Arabia.

    2. Why are there products on the website that I cannot buy online?
    The majority of the IKEA furniture range is available at Shop Online along with an increasing selection of our home accessories range. We are planning to increase the ranges available in the future. We do try to show as many items as possible online as you may wish to visit one of our stores for the item, and it will enable you to have the product details to hand before you visit. Items available to purchase online have the option “Buy Online” when hovering over them.

    3. Are your prices online the same as in store?
    Shop Online product prices will normally be the same as store prices. However, occasionally promotions will mean some prices can differ.

    4. Can I cancel my order I placed online?
    You may cancel at any time before delivery by contacting us with your order details, if you would like to cancel before 72 hours from delivery date, the full amount will be refunded to your account. If you cancel your order within 72 hours from delivery date, we will exclude the delivery fees from the total refunded amount. You can find more information here.

    5. What if I change my mind after I receive my online order?
    It’s fine to change your mind; you are able to return your order, by contacting us. Full details can be found in the Shop Online return policy.

    6. Are my personal details given to third parties?
    We sometimes need to hire other companies to help us provide our services. We limit the information we give them, to ensure this is only used for the fulfilment of your order. They are strictly monitored by IKEA in order to make certain our customer privacy is always protected.

    7. Can I add or change my existing order made online?
    Unfortunately, you are not able to add or remove any items from an order made online. It is possible to change your contact information, shipping address or delivery date & time, by contacting our customer care center. For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions.

    8. Can I order online and pick up from store?
    All our online products are delivered directly from our distribution center to your home, it is not possible to collect online purchases from store, and IKEA do not offer a product reservation service in our stores. Currently our online orders are only able to be delivered directly from our distribution center to your home, however we are trailing a new format store along with a click and collect service and the intention will be to roll out a click and collect service to all our stores in the future. In the meantime keep a look out for news about our Pick-up points.

    9. Can I add assembly to my order?
    You can choose the assembly service along with the delivery when placing your order online, we require you to be available on the agreed day and time chosen.It is not possible to add assembly after placing your online order, you can visit your nearest store to arrange assembly or call us for more information. Additional details can be found on our services page.

Installment Option – Tasheel Finance

  • 1. What is Tasheel Finance?
    Tasheel is a consumer financing service provider, that is operated under United Company for Financial Services, which offers fast, flexible, and guarantor free installment plans for consumers to facilitate their purchases.

    2. What are the payment tenures available under Tasheel finance?
    Customer can choose from 6 months up to 36 months.

    3. How can a customer apply for Tasheel finance?
    Customers can apply for Tasheel at following IKEA stores or from IKEA website (click here).

    • IKEA Thahliyah store, Jeddah.
    • IKEA Riyadh store, Riyadh (exist 16).
    • IKEA Thumamah store, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Planning studio, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Dhahran store, Dhahran.
    • IKEA Qassim OCP, Qassim.

      4. What if the approved loan amount is less than the value of the purchase?
      Customer can choose to pay the difference in any other payment method accepted at IKEA.

      5. Will the facility taken from Tasheel finance be reported in customers record in Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH)?

      6. How long does it take to decision the application?
      Once customer submits all required documents, it takes less than
      60 minutes to process the application.

      7. Can customers buy multiple products for the amount approved?
      Yes, customer can buy any number of items, as long as total amount of the items does not exceed the approved amount.

      8. How to pay using Tasheel Installment Service at IKEA?
      Simple inform IKEA co-worker at the checkout or selected sales desk that you would like to pay using Tasheel and provide the mobile number registered with Tasheel.
      You will receive one-time password (OTP) on the registered mobile number, which need to be provided to the co-worker to complete the transaction.

      9. Can I use Tasheel for order done on IKEA website or app?
      Currently you can pay using Tasheel at following IKEA stores only:
    • IKEA Thahliyah store, Jeddah.
    • IKEA Riyadh store, Riyadh (exist 16).
    • IKEA Thumamah store, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Planning studio, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Dhahran store, Dhahran.
    • IKEA Qassim OCP, Qassim.

      10. Can I return the item purchased using Tasheel?
      You can return the product purchased using Tasheel as per IKEA return policy.

      11. How can I return the product purchased using Tasheel?
      You can return the product purchased using Tasheel as per IKEA return policy.
      Simply, visit the nearest IKEA store with the product purchased using Tasheel. You can choose to have IKEA voucher equivalent the return value or refund back to Tasheel account
      During the refund process to Tasheel account one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number with Tasheel. OTP is required to be provided to IKEA co-worker to complete the return process.

      12. Can I use the balance returned to Tasheel account?
      You can use the balance returned to Tasheel at any of the following IKEA store:
    • IKEA Thahliyah store, Jeddah.
    • IKEA Riyadh store, Riyadh (exist 16).
    • IKEA Thumamah store, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Planning studio, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Dhahran store, Dhahran.
    • IKEA Qassim OCP, Qassim.

      13. Can I use Tasheel at any IKEA store?
      You can use Tasheel at following IKEA stores only.
    • IKEA Thahliyah store, Jeddah.
    • IKEA Riyadh store, Riyadh (exist 16).
    • IKEA Thumamah store, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Planning studio, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Dhahran store, Dhahran.
    • IKEA Qassim OCP, Qassim.

      14. Can I use my Tasheel balance in more than one transaction?

      You can use the Tasheel balance with multiple transactions at IKEA.

      15. Can I cancel my Tasheel Installment plan?
      You can cancel you Tasheel installment plan free of charge 10 days from the loan booked date.
      Any cancelation after 10 days of to Tasheel Installment booking is subject cancelation charges and Tasheel terms & condition applies.
      To get more details on charges applicable to you or to cancel the loan please contact Tasheel on 920024778.

      16. Can I use my Tasheel Installment booked at IKEA anywhere?
      You can only use your Tasheel Installment booked for IKEA at any of the following IKEA store:
    • IKEA Thahliyah store, Jeddah.
    • IKEA Riyadh store, Riyadh (exist 16).
    • IKEA Thumamah store, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Planning studio, Riyadh.
    • IKEA Dhahran store, Dhahran.
    • IKEA Qassim OCP, Qassim.

      17. Can I return the product purchased using Tasheel to any IKEA store?
      You can return the product purchased using Tasheel as per IKEA return policy only to the same store you had originally purchased from.

Installment Option – Tamara

  • 1. How can I sign up ?
    You can sign up to Tamara simply by choosing Tamara as your payment option at checkout or sign up directly through Tamara App. 
    You will be asked to provide the following information to create a Tamara account:
    1. Saudi Mobile number
    2. Saudi national ID
    3. Email
    4. Debit or Credit Card
    Once you submit this information, an account will be created for you for future purchases. 


    2. What are the requirements to use Tamara ?
    Tamara is available to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We only need your mobile number and a valid payment method. 


    3. In what countries can I use Tamara ?
    Saudi Arabia 


    4. I can't find Tamara option.
    The amount you are trying to check out with might be too high or too low for Tamara option to show up.


    5. What is Tamara maximum limit ?
    Depending on the customer purchasing history with Tamara, limits could reach up to 5000 SAR


    6. Why was my order declined?
    There are several potential reasons for rejection, including but not limited to:
    1.Your card isn't activated or fit for e-commerce
    2. You have prior commitments to your bank/telecommunications company and/or are flagged by Simah
    3. You have unpaid bills from Tamara
    4. Tamara's intricate risk system deems the value of your purchase is too high.
    5. The value of the item you're trying to buy exceeds the limit.
    If none of the above reasons apply to you, please try with a different card. 


    7. How to buy using Tamara?
    To buy with Tamara
    1. Choose Tamara Split into 3 or 6 payments as your payment method at checkout
    2. Log in using your mobile number and verify it using the one-time password
    3. Enter your payment details and pay for your first payment
    4. Receive your order... and pay later within 2 months for Pay in 3 and 5 months for Pay in 6


    8. How can I pay ?
    To pay for your Tamara orders:
    1. Download Tamara Mobile app ( then log in simply using your mobile number.
    2. Enter the one time password sent to your mobile
    3. Follow up on your payments amount and upcoming due dates
    4. Pay easily using your favorite payment option: Mada, Visa, Master card or even Apple Pay!


    9. Can I pay before the order due date ?
    Yes, you can!
    Simply log in to your account using Tamara mobile app (
    Select the payments you'd like to pay then pay easily using your favorite payment option: Mada, Visa, Master card, or even Apple Pay!


    10. Will I be reminded about the due dates ?
    Yes you will be receiving messages and notifications (through Tamara's app) from Tamara to remind you about your upcoming due dates.


    11. What will happen if I didn't pay ?

    We impose late fees 25 SAR after the due date then it will increase every 15 days of delay with the same amount. Fees are limited at 150 SAR or 25 % of the order value (the minimum of the two options will apply).
    If you were late in making payment more than that, your data will be shared with SIMAH (KSA) - they will act accordingly.


    12. How to cancel and return items ?
    You can request a cancellation/return from IKEA
    Cancellation before order shipment: Once your order is canceled as per IKEA policy, we'll automatically make the adjustment to your account. please note that the update on Tamara app might take a couple of hours to reflect.
    Returning items: Once the item is returned to IKEA as per the return policy and the order status is updated, your Tamara account will be updated automatically.
    Service fee is not refundable 48hours from order date or once the order is dispatched.
    If the order value was paid to Tamara, a refund will be initiated within 24 hours of status update. If, however, you are yet to pay, the amount will be automatically adjusted reflecting on the total order value and remaining payments.


    13. How to receive my refunds ?
    The amount will be automatically refunded once you inform IKEA of your refund request. Once IKEA accepts the refund, Tamara will refund your bank card directly and update your bill at your Tamara account. 


    14. What is the estimated time to get my refund ?
    Refund will processed as follows:
    1. If the purchase date did not pass 14 days, refund will be processed immediately to mada and credit cards
    2. If the purchase date passed 14 days, payment will take up to 5 business days to be refunded  (mada cards)
    Note: Tamara processes refunds as mentioned above, however it might take up  to 21 business days for the amount to get reflected on your account. This depends on the issuer bank and the payment method chosen.


    15. How I can change my payment method?
    Login to your at Tamara account, then to the settings page to change your payment method


    16. Where is my order ?
    Reach out to IKEA support to track your order
    Tamara will update your order’s status accordingly. Once update takes place, you are able to track your order by logging in to your Tamara account.
    Note: Buying from Tamara will not affect the delivery process. the delivery process depends on the merchant.


    17. Will a delay fee be charged in case of delayed cancellation or return of orders?
    No late fees are charged on refunded or returned items. If you face any issues with your late fees, you can reach out to Tamara support team to wave it. 


    18. if I have a pending order at Tamara, Can I purchase another order?
    Several pending orders could prevent you from making another. Examples:
    1.  Your first order at Tamara is unpaid
    2.  You have an overdue order


    19. How can I reach Tamara? 
    Digital channels

    We are available daily from 9:00 AM - 1:00 AM (contact via our webchat)

    You can reach out to Tamara Customer Care through our Help Center:

    You can also reach out to us through our social media account:

    Call Center

    We are available daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM KSA time through (8001240441)

Need more help?

Question or query, help is at hand. Contact IKEA customer services to answer your questions.