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IKEA for Business

If you like to hear a voice at the other end, we're there for you with everything you need.

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Call center: 8003040098

Riyadh: +966112442233, ext 3500, 3403

Jeddah: +966126695041, ext 2244, 2245

Dhahran: +966138929000, ext 5244, 5161


Taking care of business together

If there’s anything you need help with when it comes to furnishing your business premises so you can make your business fly, simply ask! Discuss your ideas with design professionals, check out the online planning tools or visit the IKEA for Business team in the store.

A hand holding photos of chairs and other items, while an IKEA co-worker in yellow top makes notes in the background.
A room with areas for relaxing with chairs and a coffee table, and an area with work desks, screens chairs and storage.

Your business, your workspace, your way

Whatever job you’re doing, you can find everything you need under one roof, from the largest furnishings to the smallest details. Get inspired by all the solutions for whatever business you’re in.

See all business furnishing solutions
A room in a store with clothes hanging from a rail in the background, and a table with lots of products on display.
A café with lots of tables and chairs, plants hanging from the ceiling, and a serving area.
A man in an office space, with desks holding lamps and screens, chairs, storage cabinets and green plants, and pictures.
White storage units, one with drawers, the other with shelving holding diverse items, and a stool in front.
A man at a work station, with computer screens, storage and a swivel chair, a plant in the background.
See all business furnishing solutions

It’s easy to let light and air into your office space

No matter where your office, space is an opportunity. You can organise your space so that it inspires collaboration. Hidden storage and flexible furniture deliver clarity, comfort and give a boost for success.

A man in an office, sitting on a chair with a laptop, a cup of coffee on a coffee table, storage and lighting behind.
An office with black coffee tables and chairs, white storage units with various items on them, and hanging lighting.
A man and a woman in an office, beside a white storage unit, talking to each other, lamps hanging behind.
A white swivel chair by a white desk with a large computer screen on it, together with desk a lamp and diverse items.
A black table with white swivel chairs, in an office space with hanging lighting and a presentation on the far wall.

Lots of ways to make your shop pop

Open shelving and storage act as display areas for the products you sell and add to the look and feel of the space you have.

A glass storage cabinet, with lots of sunglasses and boxes on the shelves on display, sunglasses and glass vases on top.
Display stands shaped like human hands, on holding a pair of sunglasses, and other sunglasses in and around a showcase.

Top furniture system and series suitable for business use

All the tables, chairs, storage and more to make your business work.

IDÅSEN system
GALANT series
BEKANT system

It’s good to let your customers sip, shop and read

Creating atmosphere is key. You don’t have to hide away your cups, dishes, pastry and books. Instead, you can simply display them as inspiring décor to pique your customer’s interest to shop and stick around.

A cafe setting with tables and stools, condiments on the tables, seating with cushions and hanging lighting above.
A cafe setting, with bookcases, tables and chairs, a white storage unit with glass doors and books on display.
A table with books on display, both on top and on the lower level, bookcases behind, and shelving with books.
The counter of a cafe, lots of food items displayed on it, storage beneath and a blackboard with writing behind.
The counter of a cafe, lots of food items displayed on it, a man stands behind the counter, with shelves behind him.

Café’s, restaurants, lunch rooms, big or small

Small café or elegant restaurant, you can get all the furniture you need to make guests feel as welcome as they are hungry. You can even find smaller details and dinnerware too, all sizes, all looks, all tastes.

See all café furniture
Tables and chairs in a cafe, vases of flowers and diverse items on the tables, lamps and a coat rack on the wall.
An open dining area in a cafe or lunch room, with tables and lots of chairs, hanging plants and a serving area behind.
A room with a wooden table and chairs, a vase of flowers on the table, hanging lighting and windows in the background.
Chairs hanging on the edge of a table, as if for cleaning the floor, with glasses and other items on the table.
A round table with a bottle, glasses, plates and bowls of food, chairs, and a serving counter with cups and glasses.
See all café furniture