Sports equipment storage ideas

If you and your kids are always on the go, keep your sports gear organised and ready to go right by the door.

Sports equipment storage ideas

Sports gear can be bulky, oddly shaped, and not so nice to look at. Luckily, we’ve got three ways to keep it all sorted and ready to go.

The (tiny) home gym

You don’t need a room to create a home gym. If you’ve got a little corner to spare, you’ve got yourself a totally functional exercise space. A cabinet keeps towels, clothes and gear nice and tidy, while a peg board is perfect for yoga mats, resistance bands, and more. And don’t worry about your workout gear killing your style vibe. You can easily hide with the help of a full-length curtain.

A floor-to-ceiling curtain help keeps your home workout gear separate from the rest of your space.

The catch-all entrance

For the family that’s constantly on the go, it’s super important to have all your sports gear right by the door. Bulky and off-season items can be stashed in a cabinet and balls stay in one place with the help of a spacious bin. All that’s left is to grab your board and go.

ALGOT storage units are a perfect way to keep your entire family’s sports gear organised and ready to go.

The organised adventure zone

If your family practically lives in the great outdoors, it’s likely you’ve got piles of gear to prove it. We’d recommend outfitting your garage or attic with an ALGOT unit. It’s easy to customise a section for each family member, adding shelves, baskets, boxes and more. You can even adjust the heights of shelves and rails, so kiddos can easily grab what they need.

Outfit ALGOT with baskets and shelves to keep your sports gear organised.

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