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Other bathroom furniture

On busy mornings, every minute counts. Knowing where everything is – like having designated drawers, bathroom shelves, or bathroom trolleys – can shave off valuable time from your morning routine, and make the start of your day just that much better. Buy bathroom storage products online from IKEA.

Drawer organisers for trim and tidy bathroom storage

Dreaming of a life without all that bathroom clutter? These neat and functional inserts organise all your bathroom nick-nacks and make your drawers a pleasure to open.

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An open drawer with hairbrushes, beauty products and hair accessories neatly organised in smoked GODMORGON boxes with lids.
A pulled-out bathroom drawer with bottles and jars on one side, and soaps in GODMORGON boxes with lids, on the other side.
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Secure your furniture to the wall

We all want our homes to be a safe place. Make sure you properly fasten all large and tall furniture with the included wall-attachment devices. This is to prevent it from tipping over. We can all use a little less to worry about.