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Bath textiles

Our bath textiles include towels that dry you quickly and warm bath mats that protect your feet from the floor. Like our shower curtains, these textiles come in different sizes, colours and styles. Because, while they’re waiting for their moment of glory, we think they should look good, too.

Spot your towel at the beach from a mile away

There is nothing subtle about these new VÅGSJÖN towels. They are bright. Very bright. They are also super soft against your skin, thanks to the solid terry. And the woven stripes are both absorbent and dry in a flash.

Bright blue, bright pink and bright green VÅGSJÖN towels are neatly folded and stacked on top of each other.
A bright pink VÅGSJÖN hand towel is roughly placed over a neatly folded VÅGSJÖN bath towel in bright pink.

Also looks good in your bathroom

It’s not just a towel. It’s a must-have accessory for every season. Wrap a VÅGSJÖN towel around your waist or hair and feel uplifted by its warm, joyful colour.

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A side view of a person with their arm stretched as if in mid twirl, wearing three yellow VÅGSJÖN towels like clothing.
A top view of a rolled-up yellow VÅGSJÖN towel that is tied together with a yellow ribbon and placed on top of another yellow VÅGSJÖN towel.
A closeup of two tightly rolled-up yellow VÅGSJÖN towels against a white background.
A closeup of a rolled-up yellow VÅGSJÖN towel on top of another VÅGSJÖN towel that is spread out over a white surface.
A closeup of two tightly rolled-up yellow VÅGSJÖN towels, placed on a white surface.
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