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Home visit: a creative space exploding with colour

“Walking into my apartment is like falling into another world! I love that this space catches people off guard as soon as they step through the front door. Welcome to my happy place...”

A rainbow coloured living room and dining area.
A rainbow coloured living room and dining area.

My favourite colour? Rainbow!

“My home is built on nostalgia, comfort and honesty,” says Amina. “I went through difficult times in my twenties and I realised how living in fear of anything is not worth it, so I began to embrace myself fully and express myself with colour. My favourite colour is rainbow, so I decided to create a rainbow-inspired wall. It’s such a treat to look at everyone’s reactions when they see it for the first time.”

I want to live a life I can be proud of

“Home is a place where I can feel safe and vulnerable and free to be myself,” says Amina. “The way Salvatore and I reinforce this is by making sure we only put things in our home that we love and that make us feel physically warm and comfortable. It’s important for us to think about how our home makes us feel and how other people will feel when they experience it.”

I’ve learnt how to express myself

“People either love my style or think I’m a crazy seven-year-old,” explains Amina. “Colour makes both Salvatore and me really happy. My life is colourful, I’m colourful, so it was natural for us to have a full colour explosion in our living space!”

We shouldn’t be afraid to try things

“There’s room for artistic expression in every area of my life. For example, I used washi tape to decorate the kitchen cabinets as it’s easy to peel off without leaving behind any marks, which is pretty cool – especially if you rent. I love coming up with accessible ideas that help people with smaller budgets change the look and feel of their space.”

My bedroom is my escape

“I’m obsessed with clouds, the sky and rainbows,” says Amina. “My bedroom doesn’t have any windows, so I wanted to create the feeling of floating in the sky, above the clouds. It’s such a refreshing break from being in the middle of Downtown, where everything is crazy and a little dirty.” 

Nostalgic memories influence my style

“Adding colour at home doesn’t just have to be the result of paint and furniture,” says Amina. “If someone were to tell me they loved colour but were scared to introduce it into their home, I would say to start small! I’ve just used the bags and shoes I’ve collected over the years to add colour and interest to my bedroom.”

Amina tells us how to have fun with decor

  1. Let go of insecurities. “My creative partnership with Sal started with our studio, Mucci. I have the crazy ideas and Sal edits me. When you are expressing yourself you have to let go of the fear of it being wrong or even being ugly because, trust me, I’ve made some ugly things!”
  2. Take the time to play. “The idea of play and playing is something that everyone should have the space and freedom to do. To me it means being creative and not worrying about what the outcome will be. You’re just doing it for the process and the journey.”
  3. Be sentimental. “I return to the colour palettes of the 1980s because those were my happy times. You’re more likely to love your decor if it’s true to you.”

Colourful conversion

Amina’s Downtown LA apartment has been converted from a garment warehouse into an open-plan living room and kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

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Made by
Interior stylist: Martin Bourne
Photographer: Dan Duchars
Follow Amina on Instagram: @studiomucci