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Your guests won’t be leaving any time soon

We don’t know how it happened, but the new KRYLBO chair believes it’s a sofa. Maybe it’s the sturdy design with soft padding and lumbar support. Or the elegant Tonerud cover with a mélange effect. Sure, it’s a great chair. But the side effect is that nobody will want to get up!

A display arrangement of four KRYLBO chairs, three dark beige and one blue, one of them on a centrally placed pedestal.
Parts of the seat and frame of a blue KRYLBO chair, placed in profile in a space with grey floors and wooden walls.

For small spaces and large parties

If you think big when throwing parties but your home is far from being a mansion, just add the new GENESÖN chair to your guest list. With its slim design in lightweight metal, it’s easy to move around, and the bright colours help create a festive atmosphere.

Parts of the seat and frame of a red GENESÖN chair, featuring their bent details, in a dark blue room.
Three GENESÖN chairs, two red and one blue, facing each other in a space with walls and floors in electric blue.

Work-from-home buddies that have your back

These desk chairs let you sit comfortably so you can focus. They offer plenty of support while looking good too. You can choose from a wide range of styles and find one that fits your interiors – from classic-style upholstered conference chairs to sleek and stylish gaming chairs.

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A refined workspace at home has an arched floor lamp hanging over an IDANÄS desk with a drawer open, and a work lamp on it.
A light grey MATCHSPEL gaming chair stands at an UTESPELARE gaming desk beside a golden-brown IDÅSEN drawer unit on castors.
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