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Living room

The hottest seat around

Neat in size and upholstered in easy-care fabric, HERRÅKRA armchair suits any space – from your living room to a bustling lobby.

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Video: A pillow moves among three HERRÅKRA armchairs. Two of the chairs are on a dais of steps. The chair on the floor spins.
A HERRÅKRA armchair in Diseröd dark yellow is by two MOSSJON glass-door cabinets which are set against a dark beige wall.
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What’s your BILLY bookcase style?

You can never have too many BILLY bookcases, especially when they’re so easy to fit to how you live. With or without doors, tall or short with shelves you can adjust to suit your knickknacks, baskets and books. Style your BILLY bookcase your way.

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Video: A BILLY bookcase undergoes a transformation from messy to decoratively styled with KOPPARBJÖRK vases and other IKEA products.
BILLY bookcases filled with KOPPARBJÖRK vases, decorative plates and other knickknacks are in different areas of a room.
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