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New lighting to make your décor shine

These new decorative LED lights help set a cosy atmosphere in your room, wherever they’re placed. Their elegant forms make a stand-alone style statement – or you could use them to create your own coordinated arrangement.

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A black BJÖRKSPIREA LED decoration light on a grey surface in front of a LINDBYN mirror, a pile of books and wooden bowl.
Three BJÖRKSPIREA LED decoration lights on a pile of light coloured boxes, by an accessories stand and a blue glass bird.
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A more relaxing bedroom with smart lighting

Want to switch your lamps on and off without getting out of bed? Or lower the amount of light to create a cosier mood? It’s easy with a TRÅDFRI dimmer and the right bulbs from our smart lighting range.

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A woman lies in bed and reaches out her hand to press a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer on top of some books on a bedside table.
A lit FADO table lamp on a windowsill near a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer and a FRASERA whiskey glass on top of some books.
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Outdoor lighting for maximum appeal

A little light can make summer evenings feel so right. It adds its own special magic. With lamps like these and lighting chains, you can enhance that magical summer mood and brighten your nights.

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Food, drinks and a SOLVINDEN LED table lamp are on a TÄRNÖ table on a balcony with SOLVINDEN lighting chains hanging above.
On a summer night, a STORHAGA LED table lamp illuminates a table set for dinner with SOLMOTT fabric used as a tablecloth.
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Lighting series

You can coordinate the look of your lighting by using different types of lamps from the same series.

NYMÅNE series – Simple style that easily blends in
SKURUP series – Rugged construction and timeless design
NÄVLINGE series – Neat lamps with glare-free light
Several SOLHETTA bulbs of different sizes and shapes are hanging from the ceiling in front of a dark green background.

Meet energy efficient, long-last SOLHETTA LED bulbs

The SOLHETTA LED bulbs will last approximately 25 000 hours and they are 35% more energy efficient than previous IKEA LED bulbs. Saving energy has never been more convenient – or more affordable.

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Want to find your things more easily?

Integrated lighting for your wardrobe, cabinets or shelves means less time searching for stuff, and some types also help you give the room a cosier atmosphere. The IKEA range has options for many areas of your home, including your kitchen and bathroom.

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A white shelving unit holding bowls and dishes in wood and green and white porcelain, plus integrated lighting.
Shirts hanging by coat hangers from a rail in a white storage unit, with integrated lighting.
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Set the light for celebrations

Lighting chains help create a cosy and festive atmosphere in an instant. Try hanging one up for your next party and see how it transforms the mood.

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A lit SNÖYRA LED lighting chain hanging across a light-coloured room with big green leafy plants in the background.
An UTSUND LED lighting chain and some green leafy decoration with small white flowers hang in a white room.
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