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Small storage & organisers

Organize your belongings using IKEA's storage organization boxes with lids, making it simple to find items quickly. Keep small items neat in attractive baskets on shelves, or utilize under bed storage for extra space. Discover our selection of boxes and baskets to enhance your storage solutions.

Saving every last thing never looked better

Give your frequently used items a stylish hideaway with the new velvet GJÄTTA boxes. The velvet creates a soft impression and looks great regardless of if it’s in the bookshelf or the walk-in closet.

Seven dark blue and four brown-red velvet GJÄTTA boxes, in different sizes, are stacked on top of each other in a blue space.
A smaller brown-red GJÄTTA storage box is placed askew on top of a larger dark blue GJÄTTA box against a blue background.

From chaos to calm

Keep your home stylishly clutter-free. Whether in the bedroom, living room, or hallway, these decorative storage heroes shield your accessories from dust while adding a timeless look to any space.

Two RÅGODLING storage boxes with lids on a rattan bench. One is opened, with a piece of textile hanging from the side of it.
A PURRPINGLA storage basket is placed on a bench underneath a rack with knobs with a bag and a box hanging from two knobs.
A white shelf, containing children’s toys and boxes, hangs above a SKÅDIS pegboard with paper rolls and pens.

Small storage ideas across the home

Get inspired by these clever ideas on how to tackle different kinds of clutter, make room for your hobbies and to make use of unexpected spaces in your home.

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