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Laundry rooms for every style, space and budget

Check out our flexible solutions for your laundry room

BOAXEL system – make storage easier
JOSTEIN system – using every nook and cranny
ENHET laundry combinations – a mix of open and closed storage

Does every piece of furniture become a clothing rack on laundry day?

That is why we’ve developed the new SLIBB series. With these clever, space-saving laundry accessories, you’ll be able to use your kitchen chair again – for sitting.

See the SLIBB series
Colourful and patterned baby clothing hang from green SLIBB clothes pegs and SLIBB hanger in a bright yellow space.
A person, wearing a striped shirt, is holding a green SLIBB flexible laundry basket containing laundry.
See the SLIBB series

Complete washer/dryer and stacking set-up

Create a safe laundry station with this washing machine and tumble dryer combination. No more walking across the washroom, dropping items on the floor, simply from washer to dryer. The stacking kit keeps the washer and dryer safely in place.

An UDDARP tumble dryer sitting on top of an UDDARP washing machine connected by a TYKARP stacking kit for washer/dryer.

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