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Home textiles

Go for outdoor comfort

Next time you head for a picnic or just your balcony, be sure to have some outdoor cushions with you for extra comfort under the skies.

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A person wearing black and white chequered trousers is holding a cushion with a GULLBERGSÖ cushion cover with red stripes.
A sun lounger with a duvet in a VITKLÖVER duvet cover and a cushion in a GULLBERGSÖ cushion cover with red dots on a balcony.
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Textiles to soften up your living room

When you need a change, textiles are an easy, effective and affordable way to do it. For instance: coordinated cushions, curtains and maybe a throw, and suddenly the entire room matches the budding flowers you just brought in. Transformation complete.

A dimly sunlit living room with a beige VINLIDEN three-seat sofa with several cushions and a throw resting on it.
A light-grey KIVIK two-seat sofa in a carpeted room, surrounded by draping, beige, patterned SANDÄNGSFLY curtains.

Curtains that welcome in the spring

Why not welcome spring into your home by refreshing your curtains? You could switch to lighter ones in different tones to soften the light and create a nice ambience in the room.

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A man looking out of a window holding onto a sheer light grey-turquoise curtain in a blue room with a sculptural floor lamp.
A woman lying on a light blue VIMLE 3-seat sofa in front of a window with light green sheer curtains.
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Cosy throws add comfort and colour to your sofa

Throws can elevate the style and comfort of a room. Keep one handy for extra warmth when napping or to add a vibrant pop of colour to your sofa.

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In a living room, a preteen girl with a dark green INGRUN throw draped over her takes an afternoon nap on a KIVIK sofa.
TIBAST curtains, a VALLKRASSING throw draped over a FÄRLÖV sofa and three GRINDFALLET pendant lamps style a room for autumn.
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Towels with a gentle touch

These soft, absorbent towels are great for gently drying your skin. They’re gentler on the planet, too, as the cotton is grown in a way that lowers its impact on the environment.

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A bathroom with SIESJÖN towels in different sizes draped over the bath and hanging or folded on a towel rail above the bath.
A white/blue striped SIESJÖN bath towel is draped over the side of a bath onto the floor near some brushes, rings and soap.
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A zone of relaxation

Why not boost your comfort with some cosy cushions? Or just pep things up for the season with new covers for your old ones?

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A cushion in a grey AINA cushion cover sits on a STRANDMON wing chair together with some soft throws.
A dark yellow/white SVAMPMAL cushion and a white/black FJÄLLTIMOTEJ cushion sit on a dark green PÄRUP sofa.
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