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The hub of the household

Dive into a kitchen that's filled with dedicated storage for every family member! This solution has a creative and personalised look that can grow and adapt when the family grows bigger every other week, or when study friends and guests come over.

A combination of different door colours, like white and wood, is an easy way to achieve a personal and interesting look. Black knobs in a clean design set the finishing touch and complete this uncluttered and stylish kitchen solution.

Let your children have dedicated storage for their colourful kitchen supplies. It will motivate them to help out and learn more about cooking and baking – or how to safely slice a piece of cake when it's someone's birthday!

As children grow, they'll want to do more on their own, like making their own breakfasts. Put their favourite cereals and healthy snacks on the lower and more reachable shelves, and store them in plastic boxes that won't break if accidentally dropped.

Illuminate your kitchen countertop with OMLOPP LED light strip – it creates an even light that's very handy when cooking and doing the dishes. You can mount several lights next to each other for extended lighting if your countertop is wide.

An extendable table is a smart solution if your family is larger every other week, or if you have some extra dinner guests coming over. Two pendant lamps above the table create a visually nice balance and evenly distributed light, extended table or not.

Celebrate in style! IRMELIN tablecloth is made from metre fabric and easily customised to any table length. The good thing about a tablecloth, except the happy mood it adds to your kitchen, is that it's machine washable and saves your table from coffee stains and cake crumbs.