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Our passion for textiles

Textiles – the building blocks of your bedroom

Besides carrying you through eight hours a night, your bed also defines your bedroom. From ergonomic pillows and tailored temperatures to patterned bed linen and dreamy breakfasts, IKEA helps you sleep soundly – and in style.

Get creative

With textiles you can make your home your own, a rug in your favourite colour, a soft blanket, a colorful bath sheet or homemade curtains. Do you want a different look every season? Then simply exchange your home accessories for new ones, with cushions, a rug or curtains.

Softness and safety with children's textiles

You can relax knowing that IKEA children's textiles are soft and gentle on your kid's skin. With the many colours and materials, you can give your child's room a unique, personal touch. Also nice: all the cotton is produced sustainably. And that's good for your child and the planet!