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UPPSTÅ Bead maze, multicolour

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Moving wooden figures shaped like leaves, buds and flowers on a track is a fun way to learn colours and shapes. There are some birds too. Can you find them?

Article number105.624.91

Product details

A track shaped like a tree where your child can learn seasonal changes – in the springtime all the beads are at the top and in the autumn they fall to the ground.

Develops fine motor skills and logical thinking.

The UPPSTÅ series is created to help your child learn and discover, and it has various figures from the forest inspired by our Scandinavian roots.

At this age, children learn with all their senses. Structures, sounds and different colours and patterns enhance the child's experiences when playing.


H Johansson/S Edholm/L Ullenius


Length: 29 cm

Width: 24 cm

Height: 34 cm

Amount of beads: 20 pieces