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A cute new family for even cuter new families

Welcome your bundle of joy to a world of Scandinavian elegance with the ÄLSKVÄRD family. Discover the perfect blend of style and practicality with this range of nursery furniture and textiles. Let the journey begin.

A FLISAT children’s stool is next to an ÄLSKVÄRD cot in birch and white, in a room with wooden floors and grey/green walls.
Two ÄLSKVÄRD fitted sheets for bassinet, one with dots and one with clouds, on a wooden surface.
An ÄLSKVÄRD bassinet with sleeping pad in birch in a room with wooden floors and grey/green walls.
An ÄLSKVÄRD changing table in birch and white, there are two LACKISAR storage cases, and two LEN boxes on the shelves.
An ÄLSKVÄRD mattress for bassinet is being fitted with an ÄLSKVÄRD fitted sheet with clouds printed on it.

All your small baby storage, sorted

New baby in the house? Now you need to find space for all those things you’ve just discovered you need. What about cute hanging wall storage with lots of pockets, or pretty boxes in different sizes that fit snugly on shelves and in drawers? These new offerings from our LEN family perfectly fit the bill.

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A dotted/light grey LEN hanging storage on a wall holding baby things like a bottle and nappies. A hat hangs on a hook by it.
A green/light grey LEN box set of 2 on a white changing table shelf, with two grey/dotted white LEN boxes on the shelf below.
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