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GULLIGAST Baby gym, multicolour

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A baby gym with fun figures to play with and a mirror where your child can see their face and movements. All while lying on a soft mat great for practicing rolling over on their stomach.

Article number904.842.58

Product details

In this baby gym, your child can lie on a soft mat, look at their reflection and play with 3 animals and 2 colourful flowers. The soft figures can also be detached if your baby wants to hug and touch them.

Some of the objects hanging in the baby gym make various noises. The red flower rattles when touched, the rabbit squeaks when its stomach is pressed and touching the mouse’s ears makes the rustling sound of a candy wrapper.

The toys in the GULLIGAST collection help your baby develop their senses and discover themselves and the world around them. A perfect gift for a new-born baby and new parents.


Stina Lanneskog


Width: 90 cm

Height: 49 cm

GULLIGAST Baby gym, multicolour

On a trip in the fairytale forest

Already in their first stages of life, small children go on journeys of discovery where all their senses develop at an impressive speed. The baby toys collection GULLIGAST is a fairytale forest full of imaginative animals and plants that stimulate this vital development with colours, shapes and sounds. It’s an invitation to touch, pull and listen – or just watch.

The bunny, the mouse and all the other animals hang, climb and play around in the fantasy world that designer Stina Lanneskog has created. “I made GULLIGAST into a fairytale forest. Maybe it inspires to own stories when you stand at the changing table and talk to your child about the animals in the mobile.”

Small details with great significance

All the details of the animals are carefully thought out to contribute to the child’s development of different senses. “Strong colour contrasts, movement and the rustling sound in the bunny’s ear stimulate eyes and ears and spark curiosity. To reach for something is important training of eye-hand coordination,” Stina explains. All the details might not be noticed at first glance but are there for a reason. “The bunny has embroidered eyelashes that give it character and a friendly look.”

Toys that last

All parts of GULLIGAST are created for both the newborn baby and a couple of months later when he or she can grip and hold the animals. Then you can take them apart from the baby gym – they’re made to handle both wet kisses, and curious fingers that pull rustling ears. “Later, when your child is ready for other toys, GULLIGAST can be handed over to a younger sibling or another baby on the same journey of discovery.”