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Revitalise mind and body with HJÄRTELIG

As detailed in the IKEA Life at Home report, finding the time and space to ‘switch off’ isn’t always easy. HJÄRTELIG, the new bedroom collection by Maja Ganszyniec and Andreas Fredriksson, invites you to take a pause and connect with your senses.

A woman holding up a yoga mat surrounded by indoor plants in a warehouse.
A woman holding up a yoga mat surrounded by indoor plants in a warehouse.

Taking its name from the Swedish word for ‘hearty’, HJÄRTELIG pays special attention to wellbeing and sustainability. Creative leader Michael Nikolic says: ‘For me, it’s often about finding new materials that are not petroleum-based, or if I can find a more efficient method that reduces waste in manufacturing. The latter aspect is deeply rooted in IKEA DNA.’ The collection features everything from a multifunctional, solid-wood platform to a yoga kit made from 100 percent cotton.

With the HJÄRTELIG collection, we want to reach all your senses. Namaste

Maja Ganszyniec, designer

‘Smell is one of the most important senses and scented products are becoming more common in homes,’ says Maja. There’s science behind it – the nerve that forms a sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that monitors your memories and your mood. ‘HJÄRTELIG scented candles have a herbal tone, with ginger, orange and patchouli, which changes the atmosphere in your room,’ Maja explains. ‘The small glass jars also have lids so that you can keep the scent in if it gets too intense.’

Even with urbanisation and small-space living on the rise, HJÄRTELIG proves that you don’t need lots of space or money to create a restful sleep zone. ‘The bedroom is a special, almost sacred place in a home, where we go to relax and recharge our batteries. But what happens if we only have one room?’ says Maja. ‘We looked at how the bed can be ‘framed’ to create a room in the room. Our solution was the bed canopy. The sheer fabric is a mix of linen and cotton (made with the better cotton ethos) which makes your sleeping environment feel airy, natural and clean.’

‘When we looked at bedroom habits, we realised many of us have clothes in a pile. We then created a suitable piece of furniture – the HJÄRTELIG bench with clothes rack. Here you can hang clothes for tomorrow and clothes that you don’t want in the wardrobe or thrown in the laundry. Under the bench you can store your nice shoes ‒ and try them on seated. We were also inspired to create the matching bedside table. Perfect for a book or your favourite plant,’ says Maja.

‘Having a headboard with the bed is cosy, but most of us start without one. The HJÄRTELIG headboard fits all types of beds and since you mount it to the wall, it’s easy to set up whenever you like,’ says Maja. ‘I chose to make it in rattan, a decorative and natural material that makes your bedroom feel warm and snug.’ And you can rest easy, because rattan is a renewable material sourced from climbing plants in Africa and Asia. Both the skin and the core can be used for home furnishing.

Look out for the HJÄRTELIG collection in-store and online now