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Home visit: get your wardrobe in order with PAX

The best clothes storage is never one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s a complete wardrobe overhaul, or updating the solution you already have, take note from the PAX system in this student bedroom.

Inside a wardrobe of clothes with shelves, drawers and hanging space.
Inside a wardrobe of clothes with shelves, drawers and hanging space.

Revamp your wardrobe

Student and blogger Stine (20) had grown tired of a hand-me-down wardrobe that just wasn’t doing its job. “The problem was that it wasn’t tall enough to hang dresses inside, and hooking them on the door looked messy.” To replace it, Stine chose a PAX wardrobe combination that uses the full height of the walls, with both hanging and folding storage, and drawer inserts.

Hang tomorrow’s outfit

Stylist Carl added a suction hook inside the wardrobe door for Stine to hang her next-day outfit and save valuable time in the mornings. Forward-planning helps her make a speedy exit for university: “I always prepare my clothes and pack my bag the night before. That way, I only need 10 minutes to get dressed before I’m on my way to the train station,” she says.

Sort with storage boxes

Customise your wardrobe to suit your style. PAX shelves can be adjusted to different heights to make way for small storage organisers, such as boxes and baskets. Stackable KUGGIS boxes help maximise folding space for T-shirts and jeans. Denim doesn’t need washing often, so why not have a separate box for the pairs you’ve worn a few times already?

My room is small so anything that makes it feel bigger is good. When the new white doors on the wardrobe are closed, they create a sense of space and calm that’s quite beautiful.


Living light

“I love travelling, but when you’re living out of a van, you can’t carry too much stuff,” says Stine. “Coming home made me realise that I don’t need half of the things in my room, especially as I have less space than in my sister Malin’s room. So I get rid of the unnecessary things and reorganise to make it even better.”

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Made by
Interior stylist: Carl Braganza
Photographer: Nato Welton
Follow Stine on Instagram: @sturm_stine_