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Home visit: 4 ways to reset your morning routine

From creating a space to spend some time in the sun to playing music and enjoying a mindful breakfast, make more of your mornings with these simple ideas to set you up for a better day.

A houseboat with outdoor plants and seating on the deck.
A houseboat with outdoor plants and seating on the deck.

Sit in the sun for a good mood boost

Even if you live in a city, get some time in the morning sun – its rays boost vitamin D and release the happy hormone, serotonin! Gareth lives on a houseboat in the city, and its deck is a plant-filled patio perfect for sunny mornings. If you live in a climate where the sun is fickle, use furniture that makes it easy to get out when the sun shines. Think foldable chairs, trays and cushions.

If I wake up 45 minutes earlier, I have time to put on some piano music, do 15 minutes of yoga, then read my book with a drink. I get ahead of the morning bustle; it’s a morning chill.


Take time for breakfast

Rather than eating on the run, allow yourself time to set the table and sit down to eat breakfast. Enjoy it alone for head space, or together to connect and share time before the day begins. Need more reasons to pause for the first meal of the day? Mindfulness, the practice of focusing on the moment you’re in, is said to relieve stress and improve overall wellbeing.

Tune in to feel-good sounds

Like light, sound is a mood booster. In the new Life At Home Report, 60% of the 22,000 people interviewed worldwide said they play music to create a homely feeling. Research has also shown that music reduces stress and can bring the anxiety-reducing benefits of a massage. Ready with your morning playlist? Then get connected for sound with Bluetooth® solutions you can carry wherever you are.

Connect with nature

It may be a herb garden on your windowsill, hanging planters in the corner of your room or, like Gareth, a small garden grown in pots on your balcony. Whatever plants you have, get into the habit of really connecting with them. If they bloom, inhale the scent; chat to them, if you like; or simply make a ritual of pruning and watering them. Enjoy the calming benefit those moments of caring bring.

As life becomes busier, work more demanding and more of us face the noise and air pollution of urban living, there’s a growing desire to create an oasis of calm we can visit every day.

A good start to the day

“I feel so lucky to be able to wake up to the flowing Thames rather than grey concrete every morning – the sound of the water, the light, the view,” says Gareth, who moved onto a houseboat moored in the heart of the city of London six years ago.

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