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One big family feast: an affordable combined kitchen and dining space

Take simple storage, flexible dining furniture and astonishingly low prices. Stir well to mix, and you have the makings of this multigenerational family’s combined kitchen and dining space. Finished off with a sunny window bench, music corner and the aromas of something scrumptious bubbling away, it’s a space where this family finds themselves lingering... long after the plates are cleared.

A black-and-white kitchen with white METOD cabinets with MAXIMERA interiors and a dining area with two white MELLTORP tables.
A black-and-white kitchen with white METOD cabinets with MAXIMERA interiors and a dining area with two white MELLTORP tables.

Sharing meals, making memories

It feels like a shame to call this the dining table when its job description covers so much more. For this multigenerational family of foodies, it’s more like the central meeting point; the one place in the house where all paths are sure to cross. From connecting over coffee in the morning, to debating the day’s events at dinnertime or celebrating life’s big milestones on special occasions, it all happens here.

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A family on brown-black STEFAN chairs around two white MELLTORP tables, smiling together in a black-and-white dining area.
A section of a decked-out table with white OFTAST plates, POKAL wine glasses, and beige UPPHÖJD cutlery.
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Extra seats, extra storage

When every chair has been filled, and every inch of tabletop occupied, it’s time to call in for backup. Stackable stools take up almost no space in the corner of the room – stepping in from the sidelines when the next festive occasion arises. Meanwhile, a multilevel trolley holds all the extra condiments and cutlery, so that all those “hey, can you pass the –” requests go around the table, not over.

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A dining area with a boy on a white MARIUS stool and a woman on a brown-black STEFAN chair, by two white MELLTORP tables.
A black RÅSKOG trolley holding dining accessories standing on a dark wood floor in a white-tiled kitchen.
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A corner of a black-and-white kitchen with white base cabinets and multiple utensils on rails fitted on a white-tiled wall.

The beating heart of a food-centric home

You’d be hard-pressed to find bare countertops – or an empty sink – in this always-on kitchen, where pans simmer and pots bubble night and day. Eating is the reward but the cooking is just as fun!

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Reach, grab, cook

Pots, blenders, bakeware and other utensils are packed away in the kitchen drawers, leaving the walls and worktops free for this kitchen’s regular go-tos.

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Multiple kitchen accessories held by hooks and containers on black HULTARP rails, fitted on a white-tiled wall.
A patterned RINNIG tea towel enveloping a fresh loaf of bread by a black JÄMFÖRA three-knife block on a sunlit worktop.
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The everyday can't-cook-withouts

Who says cooking up delicious meals should cost a fortune? You simply can't go wrong with this 5-piece cookware set, made from high-quality stainless steel for an astonishingly low price.

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An ANNONS stainless steel pot, its glass lid leaning on the side, on a FÖRHÖJA birch kitchen trolley near a white-tiled wall.
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In between meals

Tonight’s dinner may be yet to materialise, but that doesn’t matter. As always, the dining area is a flurry of activity. The two tables pushed together can also be pulled apart when needed, creating more flexibility for everything from homework to railway construction!

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Family members doing parallel activities by white MELLTORP tables and a black RÅSKOG trolley in a black-and-white kitchen.
Parents and a child share a play moment over a LILLABO rail system, including a white MARIUS stool, on a dark wood floor.
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A dining area centred around white MELLTORP tables, brown-black STEFAN chairs, and black SKURUP pendants.

Big gatherings on a budget

This great-value dining space can fit the whole family: push together two tables, add in seven chairs, one stool, and finish off with two pendant lamps, all at a very affordable price.

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Say you’re a foodie without saying you’re a foodie

Drawers full of fresh ingredients, shelves loaded with dinnerware, and a wall-mounted cabinet bringing those supper-time tunes. There's absolutely no doubt that this family takes food and being together seriously!

A bottle of SMAKRIK rapeseed oil on a worktop filled with cooked food, some of it portioned into IKEA 365+ containers.
A white-tiled kitchen wall with utensils hanging from a black HULTARP rail, including a RINNIG tea towel and an ANNONS pot.
A column of drawn-out, white drawers, revealing neatly organised pantry-compatible bottles, jars and kitchen accessories.
Shelves mounted on a white-tiled kitchen wall, holding stacks of white OFTAST bowls and plates, POKAL glasses, and more.
A white-tiled kitchen corner with side-by-side, wall-mounted, dark-grey EKET four-compartment cabinets.

Hello, sunshine

Nothing is wasted in this kitchen. Not food, not space, nor any of the glorious, golden sunlight that comes flooding into the space each afternoon. Glass shelves across the windows create a sunny home for herbs to grow, while the cushioned bench offers a sun-drenched seat to whoever wants to keep the chef company.

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A black SENAPSKÅL decoration greenhouse placed on a glass pane across a sunlit window, with shoots flowing over its sides.
White wire baskets and legs mounted on PLATSA frames, forming a combined bench and storage unit by a window.
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