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TEGELÖN Chair, in/outdoor, dark grey/black

Price KD 45

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Enjoy long dinners outdoors. The easy-care and durable TEGELÖN dining chair has a soft and flexible rope seat that makes even the most restless want to stay at the table – and adds personality to the chair too.

Article number005.038.07

Product details

You can sit comfortably for a long time at the table since the angle of the backrest provides good lumbar support.

The weaved and flexible textile rope seat gives the chair an expression that goes just as well outdoors as indoors.

You can have several chairs on hand without taking up more room, as they are stackable.

TEGELÖN outdoor dining chair is durable and easy to care for, also when placed outdoors since it’s made of a powder-coated steel frame and its seat is made of rope.


Ola Wihlborg

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Material
    Seat frame/ Back frame/ Leg:
    Steel, Polyester powder coating
    100% polypropylene, Synthetic rubber

    Maintenance: Require no maintenance.

    To increase the stability of your furniture, re-tighten the screws at least once per season.

    If the furniture is stored outdoors all year round, we recommend that you cover it with waterproof protection, for example TOSTERÖ cover. Wipe off excess water from flat surfaces after a rain or snowfall.

    If the rope material gets wet, the material can be dried in natural sunlight and wind. The furniture stays fresh for longer if you use it under a roof or parasol.

    Cleaning: Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution. We recommend to not clean rope or metal furniture with a strong cleaning agent or an abrasive material since it may discolour or damage the surface.

    Store in a cool dry place indoors since freezing temperatures can weaken the ropes. If stored outdoors – put a waterproof cover over it and allow air to circulate to avoid condensation.

    Repairing: The powder-coated surface protects the steel from rust. If the coating comes off, the surface isn’t protected and can begin to rust. Wipe clean and repaint to repair and restore the protection.

  • This product has been tested for contract use.


Tested for: 110 kg

Width: 58 cm

Depth: 61 cm

Height: 83 cm

Seat width: 52 cm

Seat depth: 48 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

  • TEGELÖNArticle number005.038.07

    Width: 56 cm

    Height: 14 cm

    Length: 56 cm

    Weight: 9.20 kg

    Package(s): 1

TEGELÖN Chair, in/outdoor, dark grey/black

A more comfortable outdoor life

At IKEA, we think outdoor furniture should be as comfortable as durable. That’s why we used both traditional and modern technique when we created TEGELÖN. The result was a garden chair that is as soft and inviting as an indoor chair. Perfect if you want to move long dinners parties to the balcony or your green oasis.

There are obvious advantages with materials like plastic, wood and metal in outdoor furniture, but without soft cushions, they are not that pleasant to sit in for a longer time. So, how do you create furniture for balconies and terraces that is as comfortable as the padded furniture we have indoors? Engineer Phuong Thanh Nguyen and the rest of the team behind TEGELÖN found a solution by combining an old handicraft technique with a modern material.

A support for long sittings

TEGELÖN has a seat and back of woven rope. It’s a proven technique used for thousands of years, but often together with rattan or other natural fibre – materials that don’t age particularly well in rain and sunlight. Instead, the team decided to use a rope with a rubber-like core. “It can withstand weather and meets today’s demand on durability and comfort. It’s both maintenance-free and gives good flexibility and support to all body types,” explains Phuong.

No borders between inside and outside

Phuong and the development team tried different ways to braid the rope and realised that it’s most comfortable without any gaps in the weave. “We’re also using an oval instead of a round rope. It’s small details that together make a big difference when you sit down,” he says. “It makes TEGELÖN a chair that can match your indoor furniture in both comfort and style – and the boundary between the inside and the outside becomes a little less obvious.”


A more comfortable outdoor life

How do you create durable furniture for balconies and terraces as comfortable as the padded furniture we have indoors? The team behind TEGELÖN outdoor chair combined traditional handicraft with modern materials. The chair has a seat and back made with a woven rope that has a rubber-like core. It gives a look and feel that can match your indoor furniture in both comfort and style.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“Today we socialise around the dining table more than ever, and to enjoy these moments with good food and interesting conversations, a chair is needed that’s comfy to sit on. My idea with TEGELÖN was to create such a chair for outdoor use. Instead of armrests, I chose to make the seat and back wider. The shape feels elegant and inviting while you sit softly and comfortably thanks to the handwoven ropes. I hope the chair sees you enjoy many long hours with loved ones."

Designer Ola Wihlborg