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KLOCKREN Universal lid, set of 3, silicone

Price KD 5.500/3 pieces
Price/pieces KD1.830

How to get it

These silicone lids is your all-purpose solution in the kitchen. They fit all our pots and pans, can be used on the hob, in the oven/microwave and fridge/freezer - and yes, they can also be machine washed!

Article number404.491.92

Product details

This set of 3 silicone lids fits all sizes of pots and pans in the IKEA range.

You can use these silicone lids on your pots and pans, both when you have them on the hob and in the oven/microwave oven. You can also use lids in the fridge and freezer.

The lid creates a vacuum when placed on a container ‒ keeping the food fresh longer and helping the food retain both heat and coolness.

Wash the lid in the dishwasher and use it again and again, as this helps you reduce the amount of plastic and aluminium foil you use.

Can be used to protect from splatter in the oven and the microwave.


Henrik Preutz

  • Comprises: 3 silicone lids (dia. 21, 25 and 29 cm).

  • Material
    Silicone rubber





    Withstands temperatures up to 220°C.

  • When having hot food and steam under the lid, pull the flap towards you to open so that the steam is released in the direction away from you.Be careful so you don’t get hot steam on you.


Package quantity: 3 pieces

  • KLOCKRENArticle number404.491.92

    Width: 29 cm

    Height: 4 cm

    Length: 31 cm

    Weight: 0.55 kg

    Package(s): 1