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HEAT Pot stand, cork,

Price KD 0.750/3 pieces
Price/pieces KD0.250

How to get it

Protect tables and tablecloths from ugly heat stains by using natural cork. If the pot or dish is too big for one pot stand, you can put all 3 next to each together.

Article number870.777.00

Product details

You can combine several pot stands to fit larger pots and dishes.

Cork is a natural material giving variations in colour and appearance.

  • Air dry the cork before use to remove any earthy scent.

  • Material

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Diameter: 19 cm

Package quantity: 3 pieces

  • HEATArticle number870.777.00

    Height: 3 cm

    Weight: 0.21 kg

    Diameter: 19 cm

    Package(s): 1


What is cork?

Cork comes from cork oak bark which is carefully cut from the tree’s trunk. It then takes about nine years until the tree forms new bark that can be harvested. Since a cork oak can live to be aged 150-200, each one produces a lot of cork during its lifetime. Cork has several good qualities as a material: it’s lightweight, flexible, waterproof and naturally resists fire. We use it in furniture and accessories.