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We love furniture that does double duty. Especially for homes big on cosy but small on space. With a variety of styles and options like pull-out beds, futons, and built-in storage, our sleeper sofas ensure that you can have the lounge area you deserve and the second bedroom you sometimes need.

Sofas that transform into beds in a snap

A cosy sofa-bed is just what you need when your living room is also your bedroom or guest room. Aside from their practicality and good looks, these sofa-beds are also super easy to fold out into comfortable beds; faster than counting sheep, you’re all set for good night’s sleep.

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A dark grey ÄLVDALEN 3-seat sofa-bed on a black/white SVALLERUP rug, with a cushion in a pale blue SVARTPOPPEL cover on it.
A NYHAMN 3-seat sofa-bed with cushions on it stands against the wall, surrounded by storage cabinets beside and above it.
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