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Three kids are playing and two are going out in the Smland ball pool, full of play and fun. A child is hanging on a spider web.

IKEA Småland

Come to Småland, a magical forest full of play and fun!

Introducing Småland, a special play area for the world's most precious children. Småland is a free play area for the convenience of customers who come to IKEA with children.

Temporary shutdown of IKEA Småland

Following new regulations by local authority for preventing a COVID-19 spread, IKEA Småland Gwangmyeong is closed temporarily.

· Effective Period: 2020. 12. 23 - Until further notice

The girl is sanding a piece of wood carefully.


  • Parents can enjoy shopping for an hour!
    IKEA Småland co-workers will take care of your children for free for an hour.

  • Various play facilities for children
    In Småland, you can play with ball pools, coloring, play with a range of IKEA children's toys, and watch movies and animations in the cozy place.

How to play in Småland

  • Check entry conditions!
    The children who can use the toilet on their own as well as their height is between 95cm and 135cm can enter Småland.

  • Register your children.
    Please register your children in the Kiosk at Småland entrance. Please check the notice and conditions.

  • Pick-up your children.
    Only Parents who signed for registration can pick up children at the Småland exit.
There's a girl crawling out of a tunnel in Småland, and there's a kid staring behind her..

Småland is safe.

There are some things you should know to make sure that the time your child spends in Småland is fun and safe.

  • In case of an emergency, children will evacuate with trained Småland co-worker to the Dala horse statue near by main entrance at P2 and you will be notified the information by text message.

  • If the children seeks you, you will be notified by your phone.

Ground rules

  • Småland is for the children of IKEA customers and can be used once a day for an hour.

  • Children can be picked up only by parents who signed for registration.

  • Register your children in the Kiosk at Småland entrance and pick up your children at the Småland exit.

  • You will be notified if your child is crying or injured. Please come to Småland immediately if you are contacted by Småland.

  • We set the capacity to enter Småland for safety reasons. When it exceeds the capacity, you may have to wait.

  • For more information, please contact Småland co-workers.