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IKEA Småland

Come to Småland, a magical forest full of play and fun!

Introducing Småland, a special play area for the world's most precious children. Småland is a free play area for the convenience of customers who come to IKEA with their children. 

Opening Hours 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


  • Parents can enjoy shopping for an hour!
    IKEA Småland coworkers will take care of your children for free for an hour.
  • Various play facilities for children
    In Småland, children can play with ball pools, coloring, play with a range of IKEA children's toys, and watch movies and animations in the cozy place.

How to play in Småland

  • Check entry conditions.
    The children who can use the toilet on their own without wearing diapers as well as their height between 95cm and 135cm can enter Småland.
  • Register with KIOSK.
    After your registration with KIOSK, children can use Småland.
  • About entrance and exit 
    There are two entrances /exits. One is next to the main entrance and the other is in the restaurant.
    Feel free to use any side of entrances and exits as your convenience.
  • Pick-up your children
    Only parents / guardians who signed can pick up their children at any side of the Småland exits. 

Småland is safe.

There are some things you should know to make sure that the time your child spends in Småland is fun and safe.

  • In case of an emergency, children will evacuate with Småland coworker outside of main entrance on the ground floor.
  • If the children seeks you, you will be notified by your phone you registered with KIOSK.

Ground rules

  • Småland is for the children of IKEA customers, and can be used once a day for an hour.

  • Children can be picked up only by parents / guadians who signed.

  • Register with KIOSK next to main entrance, and when you can pick up your children at any side of the Småland entrances / exits.

  • You will be contacted when your children are crying or injured. Come to Småland immediately if you are contacted by your mobile phone you registered.

  • We set capacity for safety reasons. When it exceeds the capacity, you may have to wait.

  • For more information, talk to Småland co-workers.