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Bargain Corner

 Find various discount products at the Bargain corner!

Bargain Corner Product Type

Displayed Products
Products used for store display or events

Discontinued Products
Products discontinued and no longer sold by the normal product corner

Package Damaged Products
New products that have only packaging damage

Damaged Products
Products that are not inconvenient to use but are damaged or scratched

Bargain Corner Location

Visit our Bargain corner! IKEA Giheung Bargain corner is located at number 22, on the right side of checkout counter/B1. Stop by and find various discount products in the Bargain corner after your shopping journey.

How to shop

Check out the special price tag at the Bargain corner! All products from the Bargain corner have seperate price tag with regular price and discount percentage. You can bring the products that you want to purchase, directly to checkout counter.

Bargain Corner Information

Product Disassembly Information
If the assembled product that you want to purchase is bulky, you can disassemble it yourself. We lent you a tool for disassembly. Please contact co-workers for more details.

AS-IS Bargain Corner Delivery Service
Delivery service is available for some of the Bargain Corner products that meet the delivery conditions. Please contact co-workers for more details.