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IKEA Korea sales stops 15 chests of drawers to meet the new mandatory industry standard

[Seoul – September 09, 2016] IKEA Korea sales stop 15 of its chests of drawers to ensure compliance with the new industry standard, introduced by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards’ (KATS).

IKEA believes that the safest approach is to secure all chests of drawers to the wall. For decades we have provided tip over restraints with chests of drawers and wall anchoring is an integral part of the assembly instructions. We have no information of any tip over incidents with a properly anchored chests of drawers. IKEA Korea will continue to put efforts to raise awareness of the importance of wall anchoring for Korean consumers.

KATS has conducted an investigation of chests of drawers available in South Korea. During the investigation, IKEA chests of drawers, among others, were tested to the freestanding tip-over requirements in ASTM F2057-14 (currently applicable in US and Canada). As per test result, KATS requested those companies with non-compliant chests of drawers, to sale stop and recall them.

In addition, while South Korea has not had any standard applicable to chests of drawers, the investigation has resulted in a decision by KATS to implement the tip-over performance requirements in ASTM F2057-14 for chests of drawers immediately, for the whole industry. ASTM F2057-14 will be applied for chests of drawers until a new domestic standard is in place. IKEA as a global company, understands and accepts that legislation and standards may differ across all markets.

IKEA Korea is currently testing all the chests of drawers sold on the market to ensure compliance with the new requirements in the country. To comply with the requirements, IKEA Korea will stop selling those items that are found to be non-compliant from 20th September, 2016.

IKEA believes that the safest approach is to secure all chests of drawers to the wall that is why we urge all customers who have bought IKEA chest of drawers to check they are securely anchored to the wall according to assembly instructions. Customers are welcome to contact IKEA for more details at or the Customer support center (1670-4532) to gain more information including anchoring service and refund.