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A colourful and flexible room for someone who's often on the move

A colourful one-bedroom-apartment with a grey sofa bed, two green rugs and a red chest of drawers.

A sublet apartment often comes with strict rules, but it can be furnished to look like anything except strict! NIKKEBY adds a joyful pop of colour.

A living room during the day, a bedroom during the night. FLOTTEBO has loose cushions that are easy to remove, and storage under the seat has room for bedlinen so you can get your longed-for sleep in no time.

NIKKEBY has perforated surfaces which allows your storage to breathe, so it's perfect for storing clothes because they will keep fresh for a longer time. Place NIKKEBY behind your sofa if you want it to serve as a room divider too.

Place two clothes racks next to each other to double-up the storage possibilities for your shoes, storage boxes and semi-used clothes. NIKKEBY clothes racks are easy to move, place them by a wall whenever you need more floor space.

BURVIK side table in red where painting brushes are stored. BURVIK is standing next to a white wall in a bedroom.

A side table that is easy to lift is perfect when you want to move many things to another room - brushes that need to be washed for example.

A two-in-one table that is used for both work and dinner saves lots of space in a small home. And it saves even more space if it’s foldable, like IVAR.

Cosy lighting and your favourite tunes have to be the best mood setters, right? SYMFONISK combine these two in a stylish design!