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Phone & Chat Purchase

Simply contact us by phone or chat and we are happy to help you with your IKEA purchase of any product which doesn’t need planning via phone.All you need to do is to just make a phone call or send a chat to our Customer Support Center.

Phone Purchase service is available for corporate customers as well.

* Shipping from IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya and IKEA Shinjuku is not available.
* Outlet products, store offer products and some collections can not be ordered by phone.
* We only accept credit card payment for private customers.  We accept credit card or Invoice payment for Business Customers.

The delivery fee varies depending on the store that delivers your items to your home.
* If the items are out of stock in the nearest stores, you can receive items from other stores via Phone & chat Purchase, with additional delivery fee.

Please check the delivery fee before ordering

Parcel Delivery Service Fee
¥500 ~ 

Service fee differ depends on box size and delivery area  

  • ¥500  Small box ( length+ witdth + height is within 80cm )
  • ¥800  Medium box  ( length+ witdth + height is within 120cm )
  • ¥1,500  Large box  ( length+ witdth + height is within 160cm )

For outside of Main area + 400 yen will be added 

Delivery Service Fee
¥5,300 ~ 

Search delivery fee by postal code

Phone Purchase


Opening Hours

Individual Customers
10:00-19:00 (Everyday)

Business Customers
10:00-18:30  (Weekdays and Saturdays)

Automatic Voice Guidance

Individual Customers
2. For English → 3. For support to buy and general information

Business Customers
2. For English  → 1. Business customers → 2. For support to buy and general information

* Toll call: Land phone: 8.5yen/3mins Cell Phone: 10yen/20secs.

Chat Purchase

To order via chat, please go to Japanese Phone & Chat Purchase page.
*Only Japanese is supported.

Opening Hours
10:00-19:00 (Everyday)

Terms and conditions

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