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About Buyback furniture condition

We don't want to dispose of furniture that we believe can be reused enough, even if they are scratched. We want to reduce the environmental impact and extend the lifetime of furniture.

The Buyback service help to find a new owner for the furniture.

For furniture that cannot be reused, please consider the services provided by each local government and other recycling options.

Buyback service defines the condition of furniture divided into the following stages, and the purchase amount is assessed according to that.

As new

No Scratches.
The furniture must be in “as new” condition with no scratches anywhere on the product.

Very Good

Minor Light Scratch
This furniture must be in “very good” condition with only minor light scratch.


Several Scratches or Stains
The furniture must be in “Well Used” condition with several scratches, the furniture must be in a safe and reusable condition.

Not acceptable

Not safe for use

There are many scratches, dirt, molds, distortions, functional problems, etc., and it is not safe for new users to use. If it is judged to be in such a condition, we refuse to buy it.

Unfortunately, furniture that have become in this condition cannot be handed over to the new owner and cannot be received by the buyback service.

Example) As New

Example) Very Good

Example) Good

Example) Not acceptable